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Yours murders are bad than ours.


Chandigarh—Politics is truly a delightful game. But at times it makes me wonder why my partner never shares the blame when the two of us do blunder. As the Bengal Assembly election is nearing there seems a competition between the politicians to justify “yours murders are bad than ours.” Some intellectuals jump to explain away BJP victory in 2014 and 2019 by saying Hindus are a special breed different from the rest of the Indians as they are willing to tolerate the quasi-fascism of Modi.

Thousands of innocent people sacrificed at the altar of politics to justify the action. The same yardstick is not adopted by these so-called intellectuals who always boast of their intelligence in the cases of‘ pseudo-secularists’. What happened in the recent past is matter dismay that the high political principles of the Independence movement have given away to the cynical tolerance and violence in politics to win elections with the help of criminals and killers.

The country has a history of political killings whenever there are elections.  Many intellectuals were aghast over the victory of Modi and condemn voters.  Anti-social elements hijacked the farmers’ protest and Delhi came to a complete standstill on Republic Day. A city on the move is not just about the moving of buses and shops with shutters open. It is about a city which lives with swagger. Many so-called ‘intellectuals’ will be on job indulge in Hindu bashing.

Hindus are not a bunch of communal fascists. They are a wonderful community with the wonderful and rich civilization of thousands of years behind. They do not subscribe to the theory of violence and destruction in a bid to advance their beliefs. Congress’s sins were forgotten by voters just two months after the Delhi killings. Baba Ranjit Singh who killed the Nirankari chief was sentenced to jail by the court the “secular” government headed by Inder Gujral granted him an official pardon in the interest of communal peace. Can peace be legitimately bought by condoning a convicted murderer?

Many regional parties are tainted too. Many critics call Modi a fascist who carries out pogroms. But they do not apply the same level to Congress. Their only concern is to protect the Nehru family to the exclusion of all other families. Neither Gandhi’s family nor that of Kalam Azad was in a way recognize nor rewarded. As if only the Nehru family legacy counted and no other family mattered.

The right to protest is being misused and becoming a tool in the hands of protestors to meet their ends. The judiciary which despite its high status not only held that the Right to Protest is valid but also refuses to safeguard even the elementary liberties of others. It is basically wrong with the moral fiber of the nation. It has too many irons in its soul and too much infection in its bloodstream. The maladies which these ‘irons’ and ‘infections’ caused, were common to all the categories, classes and institutions. All politicians proved to be weak-kneed in implementing the rule of the land.

Malice in the country is because politicians want political dividends out of people’s sentiments. No political returns out of people sentiments. Sentiments cannot be bartered with electoral returns. When rivals denounce Modi, they make an attempt to divert attention from their own sins. In fact, they are saying ‘your murders are worse than our murders.’ The instinct of ‘nation first’ is losing its charm before ‘self-ends.’  If it does not contain, the country will be in trouble and remember  Mahatma Gandhi will not come again to free you from the shackles of slavery.

YS.Rana: Principal Correspondent.

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