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Women play a vital role in every field: Prof.R.C.Kuhad


Women play a vital role in every field: Prof.R.C.Kuhad


Mahendragarh, May 23 ,2020: Women are no more second to men on any front; the only need is availability of incessant opportunities. India is progressing speedily in this case and the support given by the Government is playing an important role in helping women to come forward. This view was presented by the Vice – Chancellor of Central University of Haryana (CUH) Mahendragarh, Prof. R.C.Kuhad in the international webinar on ‘Women in Stem’ held on Saturday while he was addressing the session.

Organized by the School of Education of the University, Prof. R.C.Kuhad as the Chief Guest in this International Webinar while highlighting role of women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Stem) said that none of the fields is restricted to a specific gender and that as far as women are concerned they have proved on every front repeatedly that they are not less talented than men. Prof. Kuhad added that when a woman is educated, correspondingly one family, one society and one country are educated. Taking the situation of India today Indian women are displaying their best in Army, Railways with continuation to Science and Technology. The VC said that women are always creative, generous and supportive and these special qualities of women prove beneficial for the society and human welfare. Today we just need to bring women to the forefront and make efforts in this endeavour. The Professor added that we shall try to present suggestions obtained through this webinar on an apropos platform.

Special Expert Dr. Rachel Sheffield from School of Education, Curtin University, Australia highlighted in detail the presence of women in the field of Stem and added that this field is not only related to men but women too can give noteworthy performance in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is seen that usually women start aliening from Stem Education by the time they reach graduation or post-graduation level, she added. We need to make special efforts in this direction. Similarly Dr. RekhaBhanKoul, Dean International, Curtin University, Australia focussed on the social reasons and mental perception behind this problem specifying that we need to make changes from the very start. No area or field should be demarcated on the gender basis. As far as the field of Stem is concerned, today there are 74% males and 26% females in this field. We need to make changes in this field. Dr. Rekha added that it is possible to make changes in this field only when changes are brought in perception at the primary stage itself. Prof. Sarika Sharma gave a vote of thanks at the end of the webinar. Prof. Pramod Kumar, the Dean of School of Education, presented the outline of the webinar while Dr. Renu Yadav did the work of moderation. Dr. Pramod Kumar told that they received more than 2000 registrations for this webinar.

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