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Webnar-” Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership”


Webnar-" Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership"
Ritika Sadana

Chandigarh-Mohali January 15, 2021: University Institute of Fashion Technology & Vocational Development, (UIFT & VD) and Centre for Human Rights and Duties, Panjab University, Chandigarh organized a webinar titled “Sustainable Life Style and Entrepreneurship” today.

Dr Namita Gupta, Chairperson, Centre for Human Rights & Duties welcomed the speaker Ms. Ritika Sadana, founder of Eco Karma, Uttarakhand, Dehradun.

Introducing the resource person Dr Anu H. Gupta, Chairperson of UIFT & VD, spoke about the accomplishments of Ms Ritika Sadana, a young social entrepreneur, a strong team player with outstanding team building, communication and interpersonal skills, analytical bent of mind and thorough problem-solving skills, qualities that are important for any start-up or business.

Ms. Ritika Sadana, elaborated different facets of sustainability. She said that we are directly and indirectly involved in activities that contribute to a rise in greenhouse gases on this planet and thus lead to Carbon Foot Printing. She stressed that though in all operations, we cannot have zero waste but we can all strive to produce low waste at an individual level. For this, efforts or initiatives have to be taken up on daily basis. It is important to have ‘conscious thinking’. The focus should be on reduction, reuse, recycle and recycling. The participants were shown products such as curtain tie ups, toothbrushes, door mats, etc. These are produced by different self-help groups in various areas. She also voiced for local production. She discussed how her team works on Waste Management- a Nagar Nigam project where new is created out of the waste.

Webnar-" Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership" She also spoke about Wood free colour pencils prepared out of newspapers and seed pens and encouraged the students to create the same as well. Many important topics were discussed at length, such as sustainable lifestyle; the value of 5R’s & Upcycling; sustainable living through social entrepreneurship etc. The webinar was interesting and engaging. It ended with the question answer session. The resource person also stressed that giving back to the community is vital. So their organization uses 50 percent of their income for the welfare of animals (especially dogs). She urged the participants to select an activity that can add something to others’ well-being and make this planet a happy place to live.

Eco Karma deals with eco-friendly products handmade by SHGs in India. It is a firm based in Dehradun operating with the motive towards Arthika-Kutumba-Samaja Vikas. They make and sell only the biodegradable and more sustainable products like, Bamboo Toothbrushes, Recycled paper pens, Bamboo & wheat straws, coconut shell products, Organic Body Butter, Balms & Soaps etc., in-house and with help of Women self-help groups. Their motive is to move towards sustainability, encourage women to stabilise and make this place more liveable.

More than 100 participants attended the webinar: faculty members from university and various colleges, research scholars and students.

Webnar-" Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership"

Webnar-" Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership"                   Webnar-" Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership"                    Webnar-" Sustainable Life Style and Entreprenuership"

By Anupreet Kaur: Staff Correspondent and Feature Writer.

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