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UIFT all set to host its annual event  Shears & Ruban


UIFT all set to host its annual event  Shears & Ruban

By SKK.Vyas

Chandigarh/Jalandhar, April 19: Panjab University(PU): Final year students of University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development (UIFT & VD), Panjab University are all set to host Shears & Ruban, the annual design display of the department. Seven design displays and nine research projects are slated for presentation to the to the final jury members on today. An internal jury for the same has already been held in the department.

          Students have created a wide range of products from drawing-room interior decoration material to campus portals, artistic outfits and lifestyle products.

          In addition to the products, research investigations have been carried out by students. These include the impact of traditional ensemble lifestyle of people of Shimla in relation to their family environment; associated study of a wedding planner, fashion designer, and socioeconomic status of people; the impact of bloggers and vloggers; among others.

          Interesting findings were revealed in the research work carried out by the department students. It was found that most people now prefer to seek the associated help of fashion designers and weddings planned irrespective of their economic status. People wish to outsource the wedding work and leave it to professionals irrespective of their social status, said a faculty member who is facilitating research.

          In Chandigarh, the influence of bloggers is immense, this was revealed in my study. For them understanding fashion is easy, and they are one among us. Their influence is faster than advertising. 94% of bloggers and vloggers have frequent collaborations with the brands and it eventually fetches them a full-time job, says Simran Manga, an MSc student.

          UIFT Chairperson Dr. Prabhdip Brar said, Our aim is to give the students a platform to showcase their talent and research abilities. This in turn also helps them to identify what they wish to do in life once they move out of the department.

          Faculty members who mentored the students for research included Dr. Rita Kant, Dr. Anu H. Gupta, Dr Avanish Kumar,  Malvika and Nikita. Products have been mentored by faculty members including Dr Prabhdip Brar, Dr.Anu H. Gupta, Vibha and Parneet Brar.


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