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Tips to Save Money

Tips to Save Money

By Lipakshi Seedhar :
The ozone layer is depleting!
The pollution level is increasing!
Underground water will finish soon!
We see/hear such warnings almost daily either on social media, newspapers, television, and radio. Isn’t it?
But do we take any steps towards changing the situation?
No! While making school or college project, we often write, “save water, save the
environment’, “don’t throw garbage on road”, “don’t use plastic bags”, but do we
actually follow these?
No We all usually follow the lines, “ek Kaan se suno aur dusre se nikal do”, which in some cases is great, but the bad news is that we are also following this when it comes to environmental depletion and that has brought us to the situation, we are in. We, today, we are bearing immense heat, breathing problems, skin problems, and whatnot. We are being told by brands that these problems are due to pollution, in fact, most brands are selling products like a purifier, anti-pollution face washes, etc. But, let me tell you some tricks to save all the money you spend on all these products and the best part is that they are very easy to follow. Want to know? Read on to find out:

Tips to Save Money

1. Don’t shower– And by this, I don’t mean that you should not take baths. Use
the bucket. Every shower we waste enough water to quench the thirst of approximately 20 people, at the same time, we add on to our water bills too. So, save your money by saving water and use a bucket for bathing.

Tips to Save Money 2. Don’t litter around– Let me tell you a secret! The dustbins installed on roadsides
by the government are being installed using the money you pay as taxes. So, use more of what you are paying for.

Tips to Save Money
3. Switch of that light- We often like to switch on every light in the house. But do
you know? With every light you leave switched on, it consumes energy and it’s you who pays for the energy consumed by that light. So, get up and switch off that extra, not so useful light bulb and save energy as well as your money.

Tips to Save Money

4. Walk- Every time we use a car or any vehicle to travel, we use petrol. Petrol is
limited in nature. So, the government increases the cost of petrol and diesel every few days. So, walk to nearby places instead of taking out the car and save a lot of money and reduce your petroleum usage too. Also, walking helps you burn a lot of calories. So, whenever you choose to walk over the car, you also burn a lot of calories for free. This also saves you from that excessive gym fees and still keeps you fit.

Tips to Save Money

5. Plant trees– Whenever we hear about the air being polluted, the first thing that
comes to our mind is to have an air purifier at home so that we can breathe clean air at least at home. But, did you know that an average air purifier cost approximately ₹8000/- and it has to be changed after some time. Want to know a cheaper and long-lasting version? Plant trees or maybe plants. They are very cheap and don’t require much maintenance, just some water. Also, they give you free oxygen lifelong. And if you plant a flower or food plant, you have access to fragrance and free fruit or vegetable for life. Just imagine, free fruits and vegetables to eat, free beautiful flowers with fragrances which can help you amp up that boring center table when placed in a vase and on top of it clean and free oxygen.

Tips to Save Money
Bonus point: Doing this will also make you an environmental hero because you’ll be
contributing to reducing pollution and in turn saving more money because you’ll
not have to buy those anti-pollution skincare product range. I mean, who knew saving nature will be that easy and on top of it, you’ll end up saving a huge amount of money

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