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Time has come to utilize our country’s talent:Sisodia

Time has come to utilize our country’s talent:Sisodia
New Delhi : 28.12.2020: At the third convocation of Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW), Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said that the time has come to utilise our country’s talent for our economic progress. He emphasised that the aim of the education shouldn’t be to just get high salary packages in multinational companies. Rather it should be to equip our children so that they create many multinational companies. Students earning a high salary in a multinational firm will only be able to contribute monetarily to our economy whereas students founding new companies will contribute much more to our economic progress.
Deputy CM Sisodia said that over the last 4-5 years, IGDTUW has progressed well in terms of quality and quantity. The number of seats has increased from 200 to 1200. He said, “Every year close to 2.5 lakh students pass out from Class 12 in Delhi alone. Delhi government is committed to provide quality higher education to all of them. We are proud of IGDTUW’s role in providing quality education in Delhi and it’s admirable to see the hard work put in by the faculty and students.” He said that it’s important to maintain the high pace of good work.
Deputy CM said that the government is in the process of providing 50 acres of land for the university campus. Even though IGDTUW doesn’t have a large campus, the faculty and students of the university have shown good progress due to their continuous pursuit of knowledge and professional commitment. This proves that quality education can be provided irrespective of a large campus. He shared the experience of his visit to London School of Economics (LSE), where he had imagined it to be a huge campus. But, despite a small campus, LSE has become an institution of global repute.
Deputy CM Sisodia appreciated the fact that currently there are 200 female students pursuing PhD in the university. He said, “As per a report, there are only 31 girl students among 86 school toppers in last 20 years. Boy school toppers get more work opportunities in the foreign countries as well. This highlights the gender bias in our society’s operating system. But IGDTUW is playing a crucial role in shaping the talent of our girl students.”
He said that the true parameter of a university’s success should be the number of research papers published or the number of companies founded by its students. IGDTUW’s students have secured good placements and high salary packages. However, that shouldn’t be the only metric of a university’s progress. He suggested that university’s aim should be to inculcate job-creating and entrepreneurial mindset in the students rather than a job-seeking mindset.
Deputy CM shared that most of the talent nurtured in our universities are used by large, multinational companies. But, now it’s opportune time for our students to work towards building such companies. To utilise our talent for our nation’s progress, it’s imperative that our students develop an entrepreneurial mindset. He said that we should celebrate high salary packages, but we should also celebrate when our students build companies and provide jobs to many.
Time has come to utilize our country’s talent:Sisodia
Today, 487 students (Graduate – 359, Post-graduate – 119 and PhD – 9) received their degrees during the convocation ceremony. Two students received Chancellor award and eleven students received Vice-chancellor award, while one student received Exemplary award. University VC Dr Amita Dev said that IGDTUW is now seen as a reputed institution for professional education and research in the field of engineering, science and technology. She outlined different courses and achievements of the university. She mentioned that the university students have secured good placements in many top companies. Despite the Covid challenges, 96 companies came for the placements and offered high salary packages to the students.
This year, the highest salary package of 59.45 lakh INR was offered to a student. Along with 316 full time job offers, 189 internship offers have also been rolled out to the students. Prof Arun Sharma (Dean, Examinations), Prof Jasdeep Kaur Dhanoa (Dean) and Prof Ashwani Kumar (Registrar and Dean) were also present during the convocation ceremony.
By Lipakshi Seedhar: Staff Correspondent

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