By Prof. S.C.Puri

According to the modern science, the universe is made up of matter and energy along withtrigunas. Energy mainly includes kinetic energy by virtue of motion and potential energy by virtue of rest of matter.Matter is due to sub-atomic particles like electrons,protons,neutrons,mes ons and quarks.The cosmic constituents of matter are ether,air,fire,water and earth.
At a spiritual level,human being is associated with trigunas components namely sattva, rajasa  and tamasa. Sattva represents purity and knowledge; rajasa represents activity and passion whereas tamasa represents ignorance and inertia.
The percentage of trigunas components in each cosmic constituent of matter is as follows:
1.Earth-10% sattva,40% rajasa and 50% tamasa
2.Water-20% sattva,40% rajasa and 40% tamasa
3.Fire-30% sattva,40% rajasa and 30% tamasa
4.Air-40% sattva,40% rajasa and 20% tamasa
5.Ether(space)-50% sattva,40% rajasa and 10% tamasa
As mentioned above ,the earth has highest percentage of tamasa,hence it is heaviest and is expansive in nature.On moving from cosmic earth component to ether,the subtler nature of sattva goes on increasing but the gross nature of tamasa goes on decreasing. Rajasa remains unchanged. The nature sattvic, rajasic and tamasic since birth in human beings are because of their own doing in the past.Sattvic persons worship the Gods;rajasic persons worship gnomes(yaksha) and the demons;the tamasic persons worship  the spirits and ghosts(mentioned in chapter 17 of Srimad Bhagavadgita).
The nature of a man who does not offer any type of worship can be judged by the food which is dear to him.By what dishes is a man naturally tempted viz.,on hearing, seeing and tasting the food articles by which the mind is attracted,that will determine the sattvic,rajasic or tamasic faith.Any one of these nature can also be predicted by their personal behavior, social living, and liking.
Characteristics of sattvic persons(pious nature).
The foods which promote life, vitality, strength, health, joy, cheerfulness and serenity which are juicy, nourishing and agreeable are dear to the sattvic type people.They like seasonal fresh ripe fruits, fresh vegetables, milk, butter, ghee, dry fruits like almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, raisins, dates, sprouts, wheat, cereals.Th ease foods are light and can be easily digested.
Sattvic persons follow the rule of the thumb-mother nature. They take sound sleep, get up before the sun rise, clear minded, balanced and spiritually aware.They remain unaffected by the negative vibrations of the surroundings. The sattvic persons think of the consequences of eating a particular food.They lead simple living and high thinking. They are fond of reading spiritual books according to their religion and have complete control over emotions.They are lawful, truthful, tolerant, calm, stable, intellectual, not egoistic, fearless about death, helping others, eventually, goes beyond happiness and sorrow to ever remain blissful.
Characteristics of rajasic persons(selfish nature).

The foods which are bitter, sour, salty, very hot, pungent, producing pain, grief and disease are liked by the rajasic type persons.They like to eat all whole pulses, chat spices like chilies, pepper, onion, garlic and fried items.Their foods take the time to digest, create sensuality, greed, jealousy, anger r, delusion, fantasies, egoism and disturbed state.They are interested in the four P’s-power, prestige, position, and prosperity.They remain busy to fulfill their worldly desires.

They are superstitious by nature and thus they fail to rise towards spiritualism.
Characteristics of tamasic persons(vindictive nature).

Foods which are half cooked or over cooked, half ripe, insipid, putrid, stale, polluted and impure are liked by tamasic persons.They like to eat preserved eatables in containers like a pickled, fermented food, sweets, tea, coffee, ice cream, soft drinks, drug addicted items such as tobacco, the juice of a toddy tree, morphine and heroin etc.

Persons with tamasic personality deal in an uncivilized way, have a negative approach towards life, suffer from chronic diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart,  lungs, kidney and liver problems.They are lazy, inactive, sleep in the daytime for a longer period and harming others for their selfish desires.
Tamasic persons out of delusion do not think of the adverse effect of the food eaten.They always earn money by foul means.The main objective of their lives is eating, drinking and sleeping.In fact, they lead a life almost like animals.
In the last but not the least, I would like to say that sattvic persons have extremely high percentage of undivided
 consciousness, rajasic persons have moderate consciousness whereas tamasic persons have an extremely low level of consciousness.


Prof. S.C.Puri  (The author is a retired Professor of Chemistry, D.A.V.College,Jalandhar, Punjab)

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