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Social Responsibility
Susan Anand
The resurgence of COVID 19 has once again put a question mark on our sense of social responsibility. It appears that in place of “we the people” seeking to promote the general welfare, “Me, the selfish person seeking to do whatever I want for myself and my family” has become the fashion of the day. The common good has ceased to be the behavioral pattern as quite evident from the rising cases of covid-19 in some states which endanger not only them but the community as a whole. It is disappointing that the tools intended to control the pandemic are blatantly being violated. The warning like ‘stay home’, ‘social distancing’, avoidance of social gathering, wearing of masks, etc are falling on deaf ears. They are being flouted by the community at large. The result is before all of us. Transmission of the disease remains uncontrollable despite the best efforts of enforcing agencies. We must confess that we have definitely deviated from our social responsibility and invited this suffering on ourselves. We do relish our rights but are least attentive to our duty of social responsibility. Each of us needs to understand that our regular way of life has been disrupted in an effort to control the spread of the covid-19 virus. ‘Stay home’, ‘work from home, social distancing, compulsory online school teaching for the budding generation of ours has become our present lifestyle. Is this pattern sustainable to us? Obviously not! We are social beings. We need to work outside. Kids need to go to school.
Nothing to feel disheartened! Only our cooperation with concerted efforts is required. Out of this covid-19, a new normal will emerge. The power of social responsibility has to be recognized by all of us and especially the community leaders and the policymakers. Since nobody can be sure of how long this situation will last, we need to remodel our behavior according to the new normal. The role of policymakers, key decision making personal is very important. They have to rethink their infection prevention and control protocols in schools and workplaces. There is much more to manage the preventive health care of our children also besides the vaccination which, of course, is our duty inherent in being a member of civilized society. We are hopeful that out of the Covid-19 pandemic, a new social norm will definitely emerge with a strong emphasis on social responsibility and the value of the health and wellness of every human being.
By Susan Anand: Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Educationist and Political analyst

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