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Think it through Let’s not invite a second lockdown

Susan Anand
The first lockdown on March 22nd came at a tremendous cost to the society and economy of the country. We could come out of that fatal situation through the concerted efforts of authorities, frontline workers, health workers and above all, due to the intelligent, sensitized segment of society. The journey has, indeed, been frightful till the coronavirus vaccine came as a ray of hope. The vaccination drive did go well and the majority of the vulnerable population has got timely vaccine shots. Thanks to the honest efforts of the medical and administrative machinery!
 But the unfortunate part of the journey is now the total disregard of the preventive protocols by most of the population. As a result, the resurgence of covid-19 has raised its ugly head in some of the states. Once again, the possibility of a second lockdown is in the air. The option is ours! Do we want a second lockdown to prevent transmission of the disease or take the vaccination, along with honestly observing absolute preventive protocols?
Our country is famous for its festivals. The general population celebrates Holi, Kumbh Mela, Navratra, Shab-e-Barat with great fervor. Undoubtedly these festivals are always awaited as they bring cheer in our life and keep our religious and social traditions alive. The celebrations would, naturally, involve a huge influx of devotees at the places of worship and social gatherings too. But under the present covid scenario, the celebrations are going to cost us a lot – both financially as well as on the health front. Social distancing would be a very difficult norm to be implemented by the authorities under such a situation.
Resultant covid infections are likely to get transmitted rapidly. The authorities will be under tremendous pressure to do something and they may choose a second lockdown, just like in certain countries of Europe.
Since the government now plans mass vaccinations on war footing to vaccinate people between ages 22-45 as well as 45 to 60, there is a good chance that we can control the rapid spread of Pandemic in the coming months. Let us take up the call and co-operate with the authorities in the vaccination drive. A second lockdown would be an unfortunate situation on both economic and social fronts. It can be prevented. Let’s remember – “Jaan hai to Jahan Hai”
The Author: Susan Anand is an Advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court Educationist and Political Analyst.

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