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TANSEN – A Musical Production by The Trialogue Company

TANSEN – A Musical Production by The Trialogue Company

New Delhi October 7, 2020: The Trialogue Company presented their musical production, TANSEN through a live performance on ZOOM in collaboration with I-Stage, IndiLab Studios, Jazba Theatre Group, RSK tech labs and Just Events.TANSEN – A Musical Production by The Trialogue Company

The Trialogue Company is a performing arts company based in New Delhi, India. Founded by Ridhima Bagga and Sudheer Rikhari, along with Mohammad Faheem as the advisor, the Company indulges in creating new content and expressing it through three major streams of performing arts – Music, Dance and Drama. With TANSEN, The Trialogue Company marked a new milestone in bringing 3 different performing art forms together with an audience count of 70 people. While artists are experimenting with online streaming of pre-recorded productions for their audience, The Trialogue Company presented a1hour50 minutes show, TANSEN by performing live through ZOOM and kept the audience engaged with an extremely strong cast, crew and script along with a professional set structure, light design and camera equipment.TANSEN explored a variety of questions that are very relevant to these current trying times. With Covid19 affecting people across the world with financial drawbacks and health hazards, this year has led to analyse people about the importance of having a healthy mental state. TANSEN taps this notion in an interesting format by talking about not just the dilemmas of an artist, but every individual who stands to remain confused in these difficult times.

With emotions, humor, and audience engagement, TANSEN’s cast was able to tap on factors that make an artist feel liberated while understanding the state of being captured in one’s own emotions, expectations, and pride. Not just a documentation of the legend Tansen, this musical production was everything an individual should experience through an online format, helping The Trialogue Company create a statement and enhance the idea of keeping art alive in all forms, at all times.

This year significantly has seen a downfall of not just events and artistic platforms but has challenged artists to keep the love for art growing. With a positive response from the first digital presentation of TANSEN, The Trialogue Companyis now happy to announce their online live performance in collaboration with IndiLab Studios on 10th and 11th October 2020 at 6:30 pm on YouTube where the audience can donate and book their slot through the website to experience this lovely musical. By helping the Trialogue team promote the concept of experiencing artistic collaborations digitally and helping artists grow regardless of nationality, gender, community, or culture, the audience can capture a new landmark of art reaching audience like never before.

By Dr G.L.Mahajan PhD 

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