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Students develop automatic car windows opening model on increasing carbon monoxide


Students develop automatic car windows opening model on increasing carbon monoxide

Ferozepur, July 4, 2020:  Motivated by the incident of death of three youths due to suffocation in the car a few days back at Chamkaur Sahib and making the best use of the lockdown period in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic,  the students of local DC Model Sr. School have developed a model of automatic opening of windows of the car, with the help of a teacher, by staying safely at home.

In the model, the car windows will open automatically after detecting the increasing amount of carbon monoxide through the sensor when the car is stopped and is appreciated by one and all.

Science Mentor Sahil Arora said that as soon as the news of suffocation in the car of three innocent daughters of 5 and 3 years was received on June 27 in Chamkaur Sahib, Ropar, the students decided that efforts should be made to save the precious lives and started working on it. The students tested this model in the car with their parents and have come to see the correct result.

Stating this, Arora said, the students have installed microcontroller and cordon monoxide sensors in the model with the glass opening buttons with the microcontroller so that when the amount of gas in the car increases, the controller will help to open the car glass itself. According to the children, if the input unit has a sensor of carbon monoxide, then the processing will be done by the microcontroller and after that the car windows will open by themselves.

Students Riya, Tushar and Shruti said that it is also used in bathrooms and rooms at home, because of the amount of carbon monoxide increases in the bathroom and in the rooms with a fireplace in winter due to the running of the geyser. It took the students only three days to prepare this whole model at a cost of Rs.3,000.

Principal Rakhi Thakur said that in the Atal Tinkering Lab located in the school, research is done by the students to remove social evils and earlier also, the students had done the research to stop the increasing power consumption in the street lights and working on many more innovative projects.


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