PU organize special lecture on ‘Climate Change in Current World Disorder’ by Prof. Kuldeep Singh from GNDU

PU organize special lecture on  'Climate Change in Current World Disorder'  by Prof. Kuldeep Singh from GNDU

Chandigarh January 27, 2020: A special lecture was organized by the Department of Political Science Panjab University, Chandigarh, here today. Prof. Kuldeep Singh (retd.), Department of
Political Science, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, delivered the lecture on the topic ‘Climate Change in the Current World Disorder’.He examined the changing paradigms associated with the concerns of climate change and ecology.

He articulated how the initial paradigm was centred around historical
responsibility and justice, which have of late been abandoned. According to him, Kyoto
Protocol (1997) remains the most comprehensive and just international framework to
date. He further added that the Paris Sumit marks a departure from a system of uniform
global benchmarks and fairness.

Apart from the shift in paradigm Prof. Kuldeep Singh prophesied a very bleak future as
the magnitude of damage cannot be undone in one stroke and the very notions that shape
everyday life and economics cannot be reconciled with ecological well being.
He further invoked Gandhi and Guru Nanak as visionaries voiced similar concerns during
their lifetime.Ending on a positive note he said that the growing awareness among the youth signifies
a hope for the future

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