Primary objective of the Lok Adalat is to settle the disputes amicably


Patiala, December 14, 2019: National lok Adalat was held in District Patiala on 14.12.2019. For this purpose, 27 judicial benches (Patiala 18, Samana 3, Rajpura 03 & Nabha 03) were constituted in District Patiala. During this National Lok Adalat, cases under different categories were taken up for their settlement through mutual compromise and thereby 5853 cases were taken up, wherein 1776 Cases were settled involving amount of Rs. 264916817/- through mutual compromise between parties. On this occasion Sh. Rajinder Aggarwal, Ld. District & Sessions Judge & Ms. Parminder Kaur Patiala visited each Lok Adalat bench of Patiala court and inspired the parties to resolve their dispute amicably and peaceably by taking recourse to this National Lok Adalat. Primary objective of the Lok Adalat is to settle the disputes amicably through compromise so as to save the time and money of the parties and to reduce personal enmity between them. Except, non-compoundable criminal cases, all kinds of cases even at pre-litigative stage, can be brought before said lok Adalats, for amicable settlement.

Ms. Parminder Kaur Ld. Secretary DLSA told that monthly Lok Adalats are also being organized on last working Saturday of every month and cases are taken up by the Ld. Courts.

As such, an appeal is made to Public, to put forward their pending disputes before upcoming Lok Adalats, so as to save their valuable time and hard earned money. For this purpose, willing party can make request the Presiding Officer of the court wherein, his/her case is pending. Any detailed information can be made available from website www.pulsa.gov.in or from toll free helpline no. 1968.

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