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Panjab University Chandigarh results

Panjab University Chandigarh results

By Madhur
Chandigarh February 21, 2019 :        It is for the information of the general public and students of Panjab
University Teaching Departments/Colleges, in particular, that result of the following examinations
have been declared:-
1.      M.Sc.(Stem Cell & Tissue Engg.), 1st Sem., Dec. 2018
2.      M.Sc. Fashion Designing, 3rd Sem., Dec. 2018
3.      B.Sc.(Honours) Bio-Chemistry, 2nd Sem., May 2018
4.      M.E.Electrical (Instrumentation & Control), 6th Spell, June 2018
5.      B.Sc (Hons.) Physics & Electronics, 2nd Sem., May 2018
6.      B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry, 2nd Sem., (Re-appear), July 2018
7.      B.Sc.(Hons.) Chemistry, 1st Sem.,(Re-appear), July 2018
8.      B.Sc.(H.S.) Chemistry, 3rd Sem., (Re-appear),July 2018
9.      M.A. English (Golden Chance), 1st Sem., August 2018
10.     M.A. English (Golden Chance), 2nd Sem., August 2018

The students are advised to see their results in their respective
Departments/Colleges/University website.

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