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Opening of PMG Children Hospital

By S.K.Vyas
JALANDHAR,APRIL 9 : “Those of us who have children know that our children can be our greatest joy and our greatest sorrow. The sorrow shouldn’t have to start at birth,” 
This was stated by Dr. Surjeet Kaur Madan, Child and New Born Specialist, at the opening of PMG Children Hospital, Near Adarsh palace, Kapurthala Chowk, Jalandhar, a highly advance Neonatal care center.She said, “After completing my super specialty Neonatology course from Apollo hospital & 10 years of practicing as a child specialist, I felt that there is very much need of such hospital in this region to serve the ever increasing number of critically ill and premature babies”.
Surjeet Kaur said PMG Hospital will provide advance treatment for Different New Born & Childhood Diseases like low-Birth weight, Preterm babies, heart and neurological disorders, respiratory failure, sepsis, Jaundice, Pneumonia, Brain fever, Diarrhoea, Typhoid, Malaria, All Skin disease, Malnutrition, Generalised Weakness problems and will be in a better position to handle cases with complications.
Detailing about the facilities to be available at  the PMG Children Hospital is equipped with highly Advance Newborn ICU, Neonatal Heat Warmers, Invasive Ventilator, Non-invasive Ventilator, CPAP, Total Parenteral Nutrition, Surfactant Therapy, Special care for extreme Preterm Baby, LED Phototherapy, Exchange Transfusion, Low Birth Weight Babies Management, Treatment for Critically Ill Neonates, Follow-up of high risk Neonates, In – House Blood Gas analysis, All Immunizations, Laboratory, Portable X-Ray, 24 hrs Ambulance Service & 24 hrs Emergency.
 She said as regards the timings of the PMG Children Hospital is 24 hours watched by super specialty Doctors, NICU trained Nursing & Paramedical staff, which will provide exceptional care to our pediatric patients and they have a unit reflective of their level of expertise. Round the clock ready for emergencies as well as transportation from any part of the city. PMG hospital will provide quality healthcare services at affordable prices & special discounts for Poor & BPL card holders.
 Any visit to a hospital can be stressful for children and Parents and the stylishly designed hospital & private rooms will help to ease some anxiety and allowing them to relax as much as possible and focus on getting better. Our goal is to build a lasting relationship with people. We believe that the healing process is as much about personal care as medical attention and this facility will allow us to continue to build on a history of success with positive outcomes & big smiles on the Parents Dr.Surjeet Kaur Madan completed.
Opening of PMG Children Hospital Opening of PMG Children Hospital

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