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Never follow society; just make your own facts for others to follow you


Never follow society; just make your own facts for others to follow you

Society is making no sense !!

Society is killing lives just for a piece of land. Society is discriminating against caste, color, religion. Society has no respect for the one who is powerless, who is poor. Society is plundering each other. Society is removing all the naturals and covering it with medicines only to become rich.

Society is not taking care of the voiceless but only using them for their purpose and entertainment.

Society is making women an object which is only meant to be fucked.

Society is not giving any thought before playing with the emotions of other living heart. Society is always passing flak. Society is not helping the one who needs them but only those to whom they might need back.

Society is doing all the wrongs without even realizing it. Society is failing us and making us all less worthy of this beautiful creation by GOD.

Society means US…(not all of us but yes few of us but if we are not the one committing these sins and we are also not raising our voice against all this shit then we are also the part of doing this crime.

By raising voice I don’t mean to put it on social media – though it’s good to create awareness and social media can reach to millions within one second –  but by fighting against it if you see anything wrong happening around the corner even if it is any kind of domestic violence inside the four walls then don’t think that it’s their personal matter.

Help the needy because not all crimes happen in the open and having said that does not mean to create a scene but we can start by communicating and making them to understand.  So be the one who calms the storm not the one who brings it.

Can Govt. alone bring all the changes? NO, but we all can if every individual becomes responsible and understands the real meaning of life and start doing their bit in order to protect this planet. We all can save our future generations from the virus-like corona, from the cyclones and we can make it a happy place because life is already very hard at least we all can become kinder towards each other.

And never follow society; just make your own facts for others to follow you.

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