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National Science day celeberations at DAVIET

National Science day celeberations at DAVIET


National Science Day Celebrations were organized by Department of Applied Sciences to commemorate  the life of Sir C.V Raman who is credited with the discovery of Raman Effect here at DAVIET. The theme of the elebrations was “ Future of STI: Impacts on Education, Skills and Work”. The basic aim of celebrations was to give exposure to students about the latest discoveries in the field of science and to give them a platform to appreciate the great discovery by Indian physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman on 28 February 1928. The celebrations are supported by  Department of Science and Technology( DST), Government of India and  Punjab State Council for Science & Technology ( PSCST)

Jalandhar Fb 21,2021: Dr. Kanchan Singh, Head Department of Applied Sciences welcomed the Heads of the Departments of the Institute along with students and teachers on National Science Day celebrations. She highlighted that the Department is committed to provide the necessary exposure to first year students so that they can become able technocrats and managers.  She also highlighted that we should strive to become self reliant in every aspect as we as the natives of the place realize completely the complete nature and complexity of the issues at hand. While giving the details of the events she shared that there will be Declamation, Role Play and poster making through which the students will showcase their passion for science and technology.

An expert talk by  Prof. Neeraj Dilbaghi, Professor of Nanobiotechnology, Guru Jambeshwar University of Science and Technology, Hisar was organized on the topic  “ Science, Technology and Innovatiion for Sustainable Development during and Post Covid”. He highlighted the fact that Covid-19 was a challenge but through technological innovation we have become self reliant in terms of imparting of education. He reiterated that though traditional teaching stopped, but learning never stopped. He touched upon the basic question  whether microorganisms like viruses will go on attacking human race and ultimately who will succeed. He touched upon various pandemics and highlighted the fact pandemics have always hit human race but it is human will which survives every time. He shared that 110.47 million cases have been reported of Covid 19 but the human race is striving hard to come up with vaccines for it. He also shared the data related to Covid-19 and shared that we started with the capacity of 40 tests a day, but today we have the capacity to test around 7 lak cases a day. He touched upon nanoscale processes and fabrication and highlighted the Top Down and the Bottom up Approach for the production of Nano Materials. He urged upon all present to give their bit by becoming environment friendly so that the planet can be saved for future generations.

Another talk was delivered by Dr Meenakshi Sayal on the topic “Science and Innovation”. She highlighted the fact that the basis of every engineering innovation is physics. She stated the importance of innovation in life and shared that without innovative mindset,  the development of human civilization would not have taken place.  She also highlighted the importance of Desire, Determination, Dedication, Discipline, and determination to succeed in life.

Declamation on the topic “Future of STI: Impacts on Education, Skills and Work” was won by Prabhjot Kaur, from Swami Sant Das Public School  while the first runners-up was Manmeet Kaur from DAVIET. The second Runners up in the event were Ruchika and Kamini. In Poster making the first prize was bagged by Pritika, from Swami Sant Das Public School  while the second prize was won by Bhawna from DAVIET. The third position was bagged jointly by Prabhnoor Kaur  from Swami Sant Das Public School and Kishpreet Kaur from DAVIET. In Role Play, the first position was won by Navreet kaur from DAVIET while the second position was bagged by Manviya Sahni from swami sant Das Public School.

By Madhur Vyas 

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