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Trust Yourself
In any relationship trust is the first thing to leave and the last to
return. And if you recognize that the most important relationship is
with yourself, then perhaps it’s time to start some trust building
close to home. Make and keep a promise or a commitment to
yourself, however small – in fact, start very small! Make one and
keep one today, and then notice the surge of inner power as a
result. See how much more you like yourself as a result. Trust is
being built.
Even when things go wrong to have the courage to move on.
Contemplation: Mistakes do happen, but you must keep your heart happy and have the courage for the future. Whatever happens, there is always a lesson to be learned which would be useful for the future. Take this learning and move forward with courage.
Application: When things go wrong in a big way to remember that those obstacles have come to make you stronger. Take the determined though not to lose courage whatever happens. Maintain your courage and you will find things turning out the best.

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