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Jaipur’s Leading Sculpture Manufacturer Pandey Moorti Bhandar Creates Ripples Around the World

Jaipur's Leading Sculpture Manufacturer Pandey Moorti Bhandar Creates Ripples Around the World

Following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, the Jaipur-based marble murti manufacturer is promoting ‘Make in India’ internationally, courtesy a growing global demand for their exclusive marble statues.

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Founded in 1960, Pandey Moorti Bhandar is a global manufacturer of all things marble-art, handicrafts, marble mandir for home and statues of deities, humans, animal and roman figures. Thriving for three generations now, it has made a mark in the industry by sculpting some of the finest and most intricate marble art. Thanks to its quality marbles and craftsmanship, Pandey Moorti Bhandar has been successful in landing international orders consistently.

Founded by Shri Rameshwar Lal Pandey, the company is currently managed by his sons Shri Satya Narain Pandey and Shri Pushpendra Pandey, and grandsons Puneet, Prashant and Prasoon Pandey. They work with a team of 150 skilled craftsmen and artisans, catering to a stellar clientele, which includes bigwigs like the Birla Group, ISKCON and Swaminarayan Temple.

The family-run business is known for its mindful approach and invests heavily on the research, ideation, visualisation, emotional connect and aesthetics needed to create exquisite marble structures. Though mud and excrement are widely used to make idols, Pandey Moorti Bhandar greatly emphasises on using raw materials that are more ecologically friendly and discovering elective approaches to actualise its sustainable mind-set.

Jaipur's Leading Sculpture Manufacturer Pandey Moorti Bhandar Creates Ripples Around the World

Moreover, it firmly believes that these sculptures are not just inanimate art objects but are divinity passed through generations, blessing anyone who comes across them with faith, abundant peace, contentment and positivity.

On their journey from being a traditional art business – the best marble murti manufacturers in Jaipur – to now a global success, Chairman and President of Murti Mohalla Community, Jaipur Mr. Satya Narain Pandey says, “It is a miracle for our business and our artisans to conceive such soul-stirring visual representations of gods and goddesses for people across the world while keeping technological aid to the minimum.”

We believe in doing our homework. We work on understanding the science and history of every temple in India to get the details right. Deity worshipping is a sacred and an overwhelming act, making our task of coming up with the perfect idol and creating a global niche of our marble art all the more challenging.”

Prashant Pandey, Chairman, Pandey Moorti Bhandar adds,“‘Idol making‘ has consistently been a privately-run venture over the years. As craftsmen, we are totally devoted to create beautiful sculptures of gods and goddesses. My grandfather was deeply involved in the making of divine statues, so were my dad and uncle. I have taken it up too. We have been fortunate to be following our passion for the past eight decades and I am proud to say that we continue to strive to create the best marble statues.

You can find out more about Pandey Moorti Bhandar, their work, journey and legacy on their website www.pandeymarblearts.com.

By Madhur Vyas:


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