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However or Moreover – Sir, choice is yours!

By Harish Monga Dido
What makes things memorable is that they are meaningful, significant and color. This is the reason that there are a number of memories in my mind when I sit to pen down old days incidents of my life in 39 years service, it comes automatically in the world of words.
While such unforgettable moments have become a part of my write-ups, these have also become a source of inspiration for some new entrants in service and helpful in dealing with the day today problems being faced in the procedural wrangles.
Not going by the details about the use of ‘However’ or ‘Moreover’ but I had never a problem and concept was made clear to my boss when I was assigned the duty of writing the punishment orders on finalization of departmental inquiries against the alleged delinquent officials.
Official drafting is definitely an art to cover everything securing the risk at the level of decision taking authority especially nowadays when Right to Information Act has been introduced to get a copy of the documents and proceed legally to get the desired benefits or to harass the officers or officials.
From the very beginning, I had been opposing the Right to Information and Right to Service Acts and openly mentioning in my lectures as a resource person in refresher training courses.  Had the employer and employees been efficient, dedicated and sincere to their job, there would have been no need to introduce these Acts.  Its need has originated to set the wrong things right.
I had often heard saying the old timers in services – Naukri Ki Te Nakhra Ki – there is no choice in service but still, there are certain employees who fall in wrong hands and become a part of the heavy loss to the institutions and later on face departmental inquiries.  They are inflicted minor or major punishment depending upon the nature of the cases.
At the same time, there are certain employees who by virtue of their hard work, are honored and their services are recognized by promoting them out of turn or paying an honorarium or commendable certificates.
Frankly speaking, one such incident of service career is still etched in my mind when one day I asked my boss to just tell me to use “however or moreover”.  while finalizing the departmental enquiries for punishment purposes.  Sir, choice is yours
Surprisingly he asked me, Harish, what does this mean? I told him, Sir, instead of discussing in detail the each case, just indicate me to use any one of the word.  I further elaborated him.  In case you have any reference from any senior officer, bureaucrat or politician then I will use however taking a lenient view, the official may be let off with a simple warning on record.  And in case there is no reference, the charges are really serious and loss to the institution, irrespective of any reference, I will use, moreover there had been number of complaints against him in the past also and the existing charges stands proved on the basis of prosecution witnesses for inflicting major punishment by the punishing authority.
Really, it became easy for me to finalize the drafts with one word from the boss.

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