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Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh shows an increasing trend in unemployment rate.

Himachal Pradesh shows an increasing trend in unemployment rate. HAMIRPUR (HP)—Though overall unemployment rate has recorded decline across the country yet 10 States have registered unemployment rate in double digit like September. Haryana and Uttrakhand top in matter of unemployment across the country. While Uttrakhand recorded 22.3 per cent unemployment Haryana has 19.7 per cent. It was disclosed in a report of the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMI).  Himachal Pradesh in the region logged 12.5 per cent unemployment rate, means that 125 persons per 1000 are unemployed in the state.

According to the 4th unemployed report Himachal has 7.5 per cent unemployment rate which has now increased to 12.5 per cent. In the past, the state has recorded the maximum unemployed rate with 17.7 per cent in the 3rd Employment and Unemployment Survey 2012-2013. On the other, in Punjab there are 96 persons per 1000 are unemployment thus records 9.6 per cent unemployment rate. In the last survey report unemployment rate of Chandigarh was at 13.6 per cent; Punjab at 13.5 per cent and Haryana at 12.3 per cent.

In September the average unemployment rate in the country was 6.67 per cent and 13 States have more unemployment rate compared to national average unemployment rate.

In Himachal Pradesh labour force participating rate is estimated 45.1 per cent and worker participating rate at 37.2 per cent compared to all India level 52.5 per cent and 49.9 per cent respectively.

Agriculture still is the main source of employment in the State but it is writing on the wall for the state to take steps to control increasing trend of unemployment. It is also found that with increase in education, demand level for jobs is also increasing for all age groups. Every one person out of three holding degree is unemployment. Such statistics are an important input for policy and planning makers, says the official of planning department.

Y.S. RANA: Principal Correspondent.

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