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Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee Coffee is one of the favorite drinks in the World and people love to drink hot or cold coffee. The benefits of drinking coffee are amazing which makes it one of the most commonly used psychoactive drugs around the World.

When you drink coffee in the morning it helps you to wake up properly and keep you feel energetic and running throughout the day and if you drink coffee in the evening it boosts the energy levels when you need it.

However, coffee should not be consumed in a limit as the overdose of anything is harmful and affect the normal functions of the body in the long run. Overdo of caffeine is not recommendable and the maximum limit should be 400 mg per day and if you drink more than this recommendable limit then it may even cause fast heartbeat, restlessness and some cases insomnia.

Anyways Coffee is really good for health as in many studies it was found that people who consume 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day had 19 % less cardiovascular diseases.

Coffee is good to avoid type 2 diabetes. It was found in a review that every additional cup of coffee one drinks per day was related to a 7% reduced risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

Coffee can also save you from cancer as it was also found in a study that coffee drinkers who had at least 3 cups a day had an 18 % reduced risk of cancer. And one cup of coffee each day was associated with a 15 % reduced risk of liver cancer. Not even this one cup of coffee can also save you from oral/pharyngeal cancer and advanced prostate cancer.
Coffee is the best option if you are facing depression issue in life as it was reviewed that a women who drink at least one cup of coffee in a week was associated with 15% reduced risk of depression and if 2 to 3 cups of coffee are consumed in a week then the percentage goes to 20%.

Not just coffee if you can drink black coffee it is much better for your health but always remember that you should not drink more than two cups a day of black coffee.

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