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GNDU Results

By SK.Vyas

Amritsar/Jalandhar,  March 11,  2019: The results of session December 2018 are declared by the Guru Nanak Dev  University. The results will be available on University website www.gndu.ac.in

1.    B.A. Journalism & Mass Communication, Semester – III

2.    B. Com. LL. B. (FYIC), Semester – III

3.    Bachelor of Food Science & Technology (Hons.), Semester-V

4.    B.Sc. in Internet & Mobile Technologies, Semester – III

5.    Bachelor Of Fine Arts, Semester – III

6.    Bachelor of Vocation (Journlism and Mass Communication), Semester-I

7.    Bachelor of Vocation (Journlism and Mass Communication), Semester-V

8.    Bachelor of Vocation (RETAIL MANAGEMENT & IT), Semester-I

9.    Bachelor of Vocation (RETAIL MANAGEMENT & IT), Semester-V

10. Bachelor of Vocation (FASHION STYLING & GROOMING), Semester-I

11. Bachelor of Vocation (FASHION STYLING & GROOMING), Semester-V

12. Bachelor of Vocation (ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY), Semester-I

13. Bachelor of Vocation (ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY), Semester-III

14. Bachelor of Vocation (ENTERTAINMENT TECHNOLOGY), Semester-V

15. Bachelor of Vocation (THEATRE & STAGE CRAFT), Semester-I

16. Bachelor of Vocation (THEATRE & STAGE CRAFT), Semester-III

17. Bachelor of Vocation (THEATRE & STAGE CRAFT), Semester-V

18. Bachelor of Vocation (WEB TECH & MULTIMEDIA), Semester-I

19. Bachelor of Vocation (WEB TECH & MULTIMEDIA), Semester-V

20. Bachelor of Vocation (PRINTING TECHNOLOGY), Semester-I

21. Bachelor of Vocation (PRINTING TECHNOLOGY), Semester-III

22. Bachelor of Vocation (PRINTING TECHNOLOGY), Semester-V

23. Bachelor of Vocation (SOFTWARE DEVELOPLEMT), Semester-I

24. Bachelor of Vocation (SOFTWARE DEVELOPLEMT), Semester-III

25. Bachelor of Vocation (SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT), Semester-V

26. Bachelor of Vocation (SOUND TECHNOLOGY), Semester-I

27. Bachelor of Vocation (SOUND TECHNOLOGY), Semester-V

28. Bachelor of Vocation (MODERN OFFICE PRACTICE), Semester-I

29. Bachelor of Vocation (MODERN OFFICE PRACTICE), Semester-V

30. Bachelor of Vocation (FASHION TECHNOLOGY), Semester-III

31. Bachelor of Vocation (FASHION TECHNOLOGY), Semester-V

32. Bachelor of Vocation (FINANICAL MARKET MANAGEMENT), Semester-I

33. Bachelor of Vocation (FINANICAL MARKET MANAGEMENT), Semester-III

34. Bachelor of Vocation (FINANICAL MARKET MANAGEMENT), Semester-V

35. Bachelor of Vocation (NUTRITION & DIETETICS), Semester-V

36. Bachelor of Vocation (E COMMERCE & DIGITAL MARKETING), Semester-I

37. Bachelor of Vocation (E COMMERCE & DIGITAL MARKETING), Semester-V

38. Bachelor of Vocation (NUTRITION EXERCISE AND HEALTH), Semester-III

39. Bachelor of Vocation (NUTRITION EXERCISE AND HEALTH), Semester-V

40. Bachelor of Vocation (MANAGEMENT & SECRETARIAL PRACTICES), Semester-III

41. Bachelor of Vocation (MANAGEMENT & SECRETARIAL PRACTICES), Semester-V

42. Bachelor of Vocation (ANIMATION), Semester-III

43. Bachelor of Vocation (Journalism and Media), Semester – I

44. Bachelor of Vocation (Mental Health Counselling), Semester – I

45. Bachelor of Vocation (Radio & TV Production), Semester – I

46. Bachelor of Vocation (Product Design Management and Entrepreneurship), Semester – I

47. Bachelor of Vocation (Fashion Designing), Semester-I

48. Bachelor of Vocation (Media & Communication), Semester-I

49. M.A. HINDI Semester – III

50. Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Part-I

51. Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Part-II

52. Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Part-III

53. Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Part-IV


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