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Global Change Makers Summit 2020

Global Change Makers Summit 2020

Virtual Global Summit on Sustainable Development Goals

A congregation of more than 500 active community members came together for the premier edition of Global Changemakers Summit 2020, organized by Solve Foundation. The event took place at the teleconferencing platform Zoom. Over the course of two days, 45+ global experts and trainers ranging from government officials, scientists, CEOs, academics, activists, civil society members, bureaucrats, politicians, lawyers, artists, writers and corporates from India, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Bahrain, UK, UAE, Ghana and Nigeria came together and discussed the most pressing issues of the times and stressed upon the practical solutions to tackle these problems.

The Summit, designed by Solve Foundation, hosted 9-panel discussions and 4 workshops. The panel discussions were on the following topics –

  1. Far-Reaching Consequences that may Jeopardise Hard-Won Gains made in improving Global Education,
  2. Resource Efficiency, Resilience and Sustainability in Supply Chain Model during COVID-19,
  3. Bridging Villages to the Rest of the World through Rural Development Projects;
  4. India’s Progress in Combating Climate Change and Working Towards Climate Justice;
  5. How Gig Economy can Change the Face of Employment post-COVID-19;
  6. Let’s End the Silence Around Suicide;
  7. Inequalities in Caste, Religion and Gender Creating an Economic Discrimination;
  8. The Role of Global Partners in Shaping Up the SDGs Post COVID-19;
  9. Disaster Management in India and Abroad

The workshops conducted are-

  1. Sustainable Waste Management- A Renewable Energy
  2. Understanding the Importance of Mental Health
  3. Importance of Water, Sanitisation and Hygiene (WASH)
  4. Ensuring Public Access to Information

The Summit featured various exhibitions, activities, discussions, workshops and training sessions to clear misconceptions and bring about a change. The summit also witnessed several experts reaching and forming international collaborations and alliances for the future. The importance of education and participation of the masses were concluded to be paramount to ensure equitable and sustainable development. collective response to building

India is currently facing two main issues– Gender discrimination and caste discrimination. Until there’s a transformation at the social level, no progress or development is possible. But the government is still not ready to address these issues” said Dr. Udit Raj, Member of Parliament (2014-2019) summing up the situation in India and signalling towards where the hope may lie.

“Cracking the Inequality Code is one of our 21st Century greatest problems. At the end, we are all simply Human.

Different…..but Human.” were words of Dr. ObyEzekwesili, Senior Economic Advisor, AEDPI and Co-Founder of #BringBackOurGirls Movement.

Reflecting upon the situation of mental health and mental illness in our society Smriti Joshi, Lead Psychologist at Wysa.io, said, “We need to correct our language around suicide and mental health issues and be kinder to one another.” Ms. Bhargavi Davar, Founder of Bapu Trust, shared an enlightening insight and said, “It’s difficult for survivors to start living, to appreciate how I’m breathing, how It’s a miracle that billions of cells in my body are working in unison and keeping me alive. But once this is realised, it is life-changing.”

The panelists, moderator and trainers thanked Solve Foundation for providing a platform to connect the world leaders and speak about the issues which, on one hand are pivotal in defining the future of humankind but at the same time find little or no space in popular media attention.

The two-day enriching conference came to an end with the workshop ‘Ensuring Public Access to Information’ where participants learned about the Right to Information in India and abroad and understood the intricacies of filing an RTI fulfilling one of the aims of Global Change Makers Summit 2020 they became proactive and empowered citizens . The workshop was conducted by Vibha Nadig, Founder of OutLawed, studying at National Law School of India University and Youth Board Member, Reap Benefit. 

Solve Foundation is a social start-up initiated by students and alumni of IIT Delhi and University of Pennsylvania, US. Solve Foundation was started in the year 2015 with a vision to “solve” complex ground-level problems via youth-led community-driven initiatives backed by data, innovation, and technology.

Solve Foundation has been working with the help of 30,000+ youth, 2,500+ Experts, 500+ External Organisations and various institutes of national importance to impact the lives of millions in this country. Solve Foundation is presently working with organizations like the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR), World Health Organization (WHO), World Economic Forum(WEF), UN Global Compact, Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, NITI Aayog, Delhi Education Department, CBSE etc

Solve is presently running 3 initiatives which are:

  1. Indian Road Safety Campaign: Indian Road Safety Campaign (IRSC) is an initiative under Solve with the aim to reduce the number of deaths happening due to road accidents to half by 2020).
  2. Intellify: Intellify was started with a vision to change the Education System in India. Intellify aims to be a platform available for all the kids across the nation that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of anything but promises to help each and everyone who wants to improve.
  3. iSAFE Assist: iSAFE Assist is one of the largest networks in India. We provide 24*7 Breakdown Assistance to our customers, operating in Business to Business(B2B) and Business to Consumer(B2C) segments. We have three pillars to serve our customers viz., 24*7 multilingual Call Centres, Own Patrol and Authorized Service Providers. ( Photo:Courtesy: Facebook).

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