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#FreshStartMonday Lipakshi Seedhar (Feature Writer): Another Monday has come and we are already in the 8th month of 2020. Though it’s a Monday but it’s quite different than our usual Mondays, its Raksha Bandhan, a day when all the sisters get up early morning, get ready in the new dress, prepare the pooja thali and brothers starts saving up for his sister’s rakhi gift which he usually reveals before rakhi. The times are different so the celebration will be a little low key but that doesn’t lessen the excitement of tying rakhi, getting gifts, eating sweets, getting clicked and enjoying the day to the fullest. With the start of August, some positive news has started to pour in. The human testing of the vaccine has already started, things are going back to normal, our life is getting back to normal. The best news of 2020 till now has been the change of the education system and making it a lot about learning skills rather than the earlier one which favored rote learning. With this beautiful start, we also tell you some of the positives that happened the past week:


  1. Pets getting the nutrition- Twice a day for the past three weeks, Panvel’s Kisan Jadhav has been distracting a sad Labrador named Dutta and a Minature Pinscher named Champ into eating their meals with a similar promise in Marathi: “Pappa will be here soon.” Pappa is a 75-year-old man from Borivli whose entire family has tested positive for Covid and when he recuperates in a hospital, Jadhav must fill in by coddling and persuading his pining pets. Otherwise, not only will the food remain untouched but also the video evidence of Jadhav’s Rs 600-a-day-worth foster care won’t reach Pappa on WhatsApp.
  2. Rescuing everyone possible- Every morning, since the lockdown began, R Ajith Kumar reads at least three newspapers, one English and two Tamil, to spot stories about people in need. He then gets in touch with the reporters and sends out resources to those suffering.
  3. Back to the roots- Many homes in the municipal limits of Udaipur city are converting their terraces into farmlands. People are getting back in touch with nature through their terrace gardens where they are growing vegetables to satisfy their daily culinary needs. Also, they indicate the therapeutic benefits of having a farm on the rooftop. Besides, it keeps their homes cool during the hot weather.
  4. Sanitising everything in sight- Researchers at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal, have developed a multi-purpose, chemical-free and safe sterilization system ‘OzoNIT’. Resembling a household refrigerator, this technique can easily disinfect vegetables, fruits, packed food, clothes, wallet, shoes, among others, all in one ago. With a click of a button, the device produces 500 milligrams of ozone gas in an hour from ambient air.
  5. Doctor or God?- “The doctors came as an angel for our baby,” said an emotional father after timely medical intervention saved the life of his one-year-old girl who had swallowed a glass bead that got stuck in her passage, almost killing
    the infant girl.
  6. Little hands at help- A seven-year-old girl has been using the time off school to paint and raise funds for an orphanage in her neighbourhood. Shruthi J started the initiative with the assistance of NGO Reachout India and has collected Rs.10,000 by selling her artwork. Her target is Rs 50,000. “I started drawing and raising money because I want my friends at the shelter to have the same things
    that I do,” said the third-grader from Capitol Public School in JP Nagar.
  7. India’s little hero- Elected representatives in the UK are making a beeline to meet Telugu boy Aneeshwar Kunchala after he helped raise Rs 3.7 lakh for India’s fight against Covid-19 recently. The five-year-old boy started a campaign ‘Little pedallers Aneesh and his friends’ on May 27. He was joined by 60 other children in cycling 3,200 km. Donations poured in from across the world, including the US and India. The five-year-old had also started a cricket challenge earlier to support the National Health Service. A few days ago,
    Aneeshwar whose parents hail from Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, was paid a visit by MP Andy Carter from Warrington South. After meeting the young boy, the MP posted on social media: “I was so pleased to meet a young boy from Warrington who has taken it upon himself to raise funds for Covid-19 response… what a fantastic achievement.”

While we’ll soon be starting with our festivals and other celebrations, we should keep in mind that the virus is still there. Take every possible precaution while going out or bringing in gifts for the relatives. Also, keep in mind that the country is still suffering as people are still without jobs, food, homes, and other basic needs. So, instead of spending loads on the celebrations, try to donate the ones who are in need. This will
give you the happiness which no big celebration can give you.

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Lipakshi Seedhar

Lipakshi Seedhar

Lipakshi Seedhar is a 21-year-old social media enthusiast who has completed Bachelor's in Journalism and Mass Communication. I have a passion for traveling. She likes photography, videography, graphic designing, reading, content writing, and also runs a lifestyle blog named Lipsify.

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