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Fresh Start Monday: A Positive Start To The Week

Fresh Start Monday: A Positive Start To The Week

Mondays, the saddest day of the week is here again. There have always been days when we think about why the weekend is only two days. We all just need one more off day to rest. No matter how long the weekend is, we always have and always will have the Monday Morning Blues. Though we can’t actually increase the weekend but we can give you some positive news to give your blues a hint of pink:

  1. Earning through planting- Arushi educational institute for specially-abled youngsters in Bhopal has started a nursery on its campus that will be run and maintained by current and pass-out students of the institute. It is an initiative to help generate new sources of employment for them. The nursery so far has around 2000 saplings that are being looked after by students, teachers and a volunteer. “Our nursery is still in its initial phase, but we hope it will catch up soon. The idea is to help the grown-up students learn gardening and those who are interested in it can take it up as a profession. We are training two students right now,” said founder of the institute, Anil Mudgal.
  2. From Bangladesh with love- In less than a week, fish lovers in the city can load their shopping bags with the most coveted catch of the season at their local markets. A huge consignment of ‘Padmar ilish’ is on its way from Bangladesh to satiate cravings this side of the border and cool sizzling rates. The Sheikh Hasina government on Friday temporarily lifted the ban on hilsa exports to Bengal and paved the way for transport of the largest consignment of the pricey fish across the border since 2011. The neighbour had banned the export in July 2012.
  3. Indians first- In a first, eleven dogs belonging to south Indian breeds like Mudhol hound, chippiparai and kanni are being trained as explosives detection canines at the State Dog Training School (SDTS) in Kerala Police Academy,  They are expected to be inducted in the K9 dog squad of Kerala police, founded in 1959, on completion of their training in November. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had, in a recent Mann Ki Baat address, pitched for inducting indigenous dog breeds in military and security operations. He had also mentioned various Indian breeds, including the Mudhol hound, in his address.
  4. Flying is easy now- A long-standing demand of Uttar Pradesh to have multiple airports in western part of the state received a major boost when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath renewed the demand and urged the Central government to build airports in Saharanpur, Meerut and Bareilly districts, on Thursday. Notably, the airport in Bareilly is already complete and PM Narendra Modi had even announced that “commercial flights from Bareilly will start in a few weeks”, during an election rally on March 10, last year, in Greater Noida. Soon after, the Model Code of Conduct was invoked and the airport is still waiting for its maiden flight.
  5. Health first- Seven districts in Kerala are among India’s 10 best performing districts in Covid-19 control, estimated on the basis of case fatality rate (CFR) or proportion of deaths to cases in a particular period of time. Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram, however, are ranked 28th and 19th respectively in the analysis of rates as on September 5. Mahendragarh in Haryana has the lowest CFR of 0.049% in India. Kottayam ranks second in the list with a CFR of 0.064%, followed by Pathanamthitta (0.077%), Palakkad (0.081%), Idukki (0.161%), Alappuzha (0.223%) and Malappuram (0.253%). Sirmaur in Himachal Pradesh ranks eighth with a CFR of 0.293%, followed by Wayanad (0.3%) and Purulia in West Bengal (0.305%), according to the study done by Project Jeevan Raksha — a publicprivate partnership initiative of Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) and Proxima.
  6. Breaking the stereotype- A doctor in Jhansi, during the Shraadh ceremony of his mother on Tuesday, preferred to donate a fixed deposit worth Rs 5,000 to 25 poor girls instead of feeding the people of his community. Dr Pramod Gupta, a city-based renowned paediatrician, had recently lost his mother Gyandevi who used to stay in their native village Bihuni under Rath tehsil of Hamirpur district.
  7. Books at every nook- In a remote state like Arunachal Pradesh, access to booze is much easier than laying your hands-on books as you can spot a wine shop every 100 metres. With libraries situated far away, most children in the state fail to develop reading habits in their growing up years, affecting their overall learning. To reverse this trend, a 30-year-old woman of Arunachal’s Nirjuli in Papum Pare district has set up a street-corner library on August 30 solely by her own efforts. The move is expected to inspire others to take up similar initiatives in other parts of the state. According to the 2011 Census, Arunachal has a literacy rate of 65.4%.

People do good every day and these are the people we should consider our inspirations. Help others. And for that you don’t need to donate big amounts of money or specially find a person to help. There are people everywhere who need us. even telling directions to someone who is lost or helping an old person cross road or even giving a glass of milk to the stray dog of your area is a help. Helping others will give you the happiness that you wouldn’t ever get buying something expensive or eating at an expensive restaurant.

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