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Everyday Meditation


Everyday Meditation

Whenever you find time, for a few minutes just relax the breathing system, nothing else-there is no need to relax the whold body. Sitting in a plane or in a train or in the car, no body will become aware that you are doing something. just relax the breathing system. Close your eyes and watch the breathing going in, coming out, going in…..

Do not concentrate. if you concentrate, you create trouble, because then everything becomes a disturbance.

Meditation is not concentration. It is just simple awareness you simply relax and watch the breathing. In that watching nothing is excluded. your fellow passenger just snoring by your side-just accept it. Nothing is rejected. you are not to narrow down your consciousness.

concentration is a narrowing down your consciousness so you become one pointed but everything else becomes a competition. You are fighting everything else because you are afraid that the point may be lost. you may be distracted and that becomes didturbing. Then you need a seclusion, the Himalayas. You need India and a room where you can sit silently,no body disturbing you at all.

No, that is not right-that can not become a life process. It is Isolating your self. It does have some good results-you will feel more tranquil more calm but those results are temporary, once you do not have the conditions in which it can happen, it is lost.

Mind can not meditate. Meditation ts something beyond the mind or below the mind, but never with in the mind. so if the mind remains watching and controlling, it is not meditation. It is c concentration. Concentration is a mind effort, it brings the qualities of the the mind to their peak. A scientist concentrates, a soldier concentrates, a research worker, a Mathematician they all concentrate. These are mind activities.

You can choose any time. There is no need to make a fixed time. Use whatevertime is available. In the bathroom when you have ten minutes,just sit under the shower and meditate. In the morning, in the afternoon, just four or five times, for small intervals, meditate, and you will see that it becomes a constant naurishment. There is no need to do it for twenty-four hours.

Just a cup of meditation will do, no need to drink the whole river. Just a cup of tea will do. And make it as easy as possible. Easy is right. Make it as natural as possible. And do not run after it. Just do it whenever you find time. Don’t make a habit of it, Because all habits all of the mind, and a real person in fact has no habits.

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