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Economic slowdown; AAP for white on state’s financial status

Economic slowdown; AAP for white on state’s financial status

By SK.Vyas :

Chandigarh, November 23, 2019: The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Punjab, has demanded that state government should come out with a white paper on the fiscal emergency the state had been passing through so that people facing financial hardships could take those responsible for the mess to the court of law.

In a statement issued from party headquarters in Chandigarh here on Saturday, senior leader of the party and leader of Opposition (LoP) in Punjab Assembly, Harpal Singh Cheema, said that all categories of people in the state were facing the heat of financial slowdown, adding that the poor and others dependent on government facilities available to them under special category.

He said that the government hospitals and dispensaries were sick and were facing staff crunch and scarcity of medicines, adding that the condition of the state-run schools and colleges were no better. Elderly, widows and physical-challenged were not being paid the meager monthly pension of Rs 2,500, Dalit students were awaiting pre/post-matric scholarship and ‘Anganwadi’ centers had run out of stock of ‘daliya’ for the poor beneficiaries. Farmers and farmhands were crying for loan waiver, the unemployed for jobs and, to top it all, the entrepreneurs and traders were facing closures of their units due to deep-rooted mafia raj enjoying political patronage.

Cheema alleged that, instead of addressing the peoples’ issues and concerns, Captain and his kitchen cabinet were on a pleasure trip to certain European countries, adding that Captain Amarinder Singh has proved himself to be a ‘flop’ chief minister and Manpreet Singh Badal as a ‘flop’ finance minister in the country, who had failed to live up to the aspirations of the people at large.

The AAP leader further said that the financial slowdown in the state could be gauzed from state finance minister Manpreet Singh Badal’s missive to the chief minister on the pending bills worth Rs 5000 crore which was awaiting government clearance.

Cheema questioned Badal why wasn’t a white paper brought out on the financial status of the state by far as enshrined in the poll manifesto of the party. He alleged that the anti-people style of working of the chief minister and finance minister has added to the financial woes of the people.

The LoP said that if the government in the saddle could rein in the mighty mafia ruling the roost under the protective political patronage and divert the money being usurped by sand mafia, land mafia, liquor mafia, transport mafia, cable mafia, and other prominent mafias, the cash-strapped state could be brought back on the track, making it replicate the Kejriwal-led government in Delhi model of development.

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