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“Eat with the help of brain signal” to avoid many diseases—says Dr Yashpal Sharma

“Eat with the help of brain signal” to avoid many diseases—says Dr Yashpal Sharma
Dr Yash Pal Sharma

CHANDIGARH—Elders advised us to eat slowly and with proper chewing of food for a healthy life has now been scientifically proved its importance by a research paper of Dr Yashpal Sharma, Head Department of Cardiac Centre, PGI, Chandigarh. Eating with the help of brain signal also known as “Yash India Technique” developed by Dr Yash Pal Sharma, Head, Department of Cardiac Centre, PGI, sent his research paper for a patent. Technique controls the timing of the signals sent or received by the satiety and hunger centre of the brain without the use of any external medications resulted in balanced control of the blood circulation to the vital organs of the body, so that proper functioning of organs is achieved and expression of genes is regulated resulting in the prevention of metabolic diseases, obesity, malnutrition, metabolic syndrome, etc.

None of the prior researches on various diseases shed light on a present invention which is eating with the help of brain signals to prevent and control various diseases without the use of any medicines. It provides a technique of eating in such a way that time taken while eating is increased in the range of 10 to 15 minutes per meal with proper chewing and mixing of food particles with enzymes and hormones for better absorption.  Eating signals take at least 15 to 20 minutes to reach the brain. Eating in this way gives more energy, feel satiety.

The invention provides that food should be taken according to the need and has adequate time for the signals to act in the centre in the hypothalamus. It avoids overeating and improves the level of respiration and blood circulation. A person becomes obese when one takes an excess of calories by eating in faculty way without using one’s brain signals. According to him, the hypothalamus in the brain has one hunger centre and one satiety centre which control both. The brain emits three types of signals—hormonal; neurogenic and mechanical. Overeating relatively causes more blood supply diverted from brain, heart, lungs, eyes and other organs to stomach intestine and splanchnic circulation and resulted in decreased intellectual functions at an early stage of life.

Dr Sharma asserted that there was no proper cure for overeating. Anyone can become a victim of overeating, overweight, obesity especially central obesity which is a harbinger of many diseases. Overeating increases BMR which increases the heart rate, respiratory rate and thermal loss resulting in more energy loss compared to energy conservation. Hence, one should make the habit of eating by the brain rather than stomach filling.

Important points of the research are—the timing of signals; leptin proper action in the hypothalamus; Vasodilation and endorphin releafe.  Research of Dr Sharma put a solution to the problems that occur due to overeating and it helps in overcoming such problems without the use of any medicines.

The technique will have direct applications on various diseases and indirect applications in our society. Elaborating this, Dr Sharma said that it would be an ultimate solution to eliminate hunger, poverty, foster economic growth and reductions of global multiple risk factor of cardiovascular and other diseases and ensure better utilization of resources.

Dr Sharma belongs to Karora village of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh has made a place in heart surgery. He is also known for his work “Yash India Technique. He has various national and international research papers; copyrights and patents and books to his credit. He has also been awarded many times for his outstanding services in the field of medical care.


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