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Dy C M laid foundation stone of ‘Kala Kunj’, Delhi Archives Annexe & Cultural Hub

Dy C M laid foundation stone of 'Kala Kunj', Delhi Archives Annexe & Cultural Hub
New Delhi:10.12.2020:Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Shri Manish Sisodia laid the foundation stone of ‘Kala Kunj’, Delhi Archives Annexe & Cultural Hub at the Department of Delhi Archives today. Shri Sisodia said, “We are laying the foundation of an important building. This building will keep our future safe and will also make our present dignified.”
Sisodia said that ‘Kala Kunj’ will have a state-of-the-art auditorium with a capacity of 500 audience with excellent audio-visual facilities. It will also host art exhibitions, archives, libraries, a café, and offer a mix of cultural activities. “It will be an important and dedicated Centre for cultural and intellectual activities for Delhiites,” he added.
Sisodia said, “It is necessary to preserve our heritage in the form of records. This will ensure a dedicated space in conserving this country’s rich archival heritage, and history so the future generations can stay connected to the culture. The annexation of Delhi Archives will be very useful in the direction of cherishing and continuously advancing the cultural heritage of the country.”
On this occasion, Shri Sisodia also inaugurated a short-term skill development training centre on record management and preservation of records which will open up new employment opportunities for the youth. This training centre will be operated by the department in collaboration with Primero Skills And Training.
Sisodia said, “In some government offices bundles of old documents are poorly kept, and preserved, while in some offices they are preserved well. And that’s possible due to some creative officers, and their professional training. So, special training will be imparted to 60 young professionals every three months at Delhi Archives so these records are available to future generations in a professional manner,” he added.
Sisodia said that history is written either by the rulers, or the writers. History written by the rulers advocates their interest, whereas history written by the writer serves the truth of the people. This building will serve the purpose of writing real history by the writer, not by the rulers. “All documents will be preserved properly here so that it’s possible to revisit true history even after thousands of years,” he added.
Sisodia said that construction of an additional building is a sign of progress and diligence of the Archives Department. The work of completion of this project of about 50 crores has been assigned to Delhi Tourism and Transport Development Corporation and is expected to be completed in 24 months.
It is noteworthy that the Delhi Archives Department was established in 1972, but the department has been functioning in its current office since 1986. An additional annexation was under consideration since 2013 due to the continued expansion of records. The foundation stone was laid today after administrative approval in 2020.
Naresh Yadav (MLA, Mehrauli), and Somnath Bharti (MLA, Malviya Nagar) were present at the ceremony. Manisha Saxena, Secretary (Arts, Culture and Language), Government of Delhi; Mohammad A. Abid, Special Secretary (Arts, Culture and Language), Government of Delhi, and Sanjay Kumar Garg (Head of Office, Archives) also attended the ceremony.
One of the main objectives of the construction of this annexe is to also provide South Delhi a cultural centre where Delhiites can come and connect with art, culture, heritage and history.
By Lipakshi Seedhar: Staff Correspondent.

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