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DJB to extract 55 MGD of extra water through tubewells inside all WTP complex

DJB to extract 55 MGD of extra water through tubewells inside all WTP complex
 New Delhi FEB 11, 2021:         Water Minister and Chairperson of Delhi Jal Board Shri Satyendar Jain on Thursday convened a meeting of senior officers of the Delhi Jal Board, along with its members, wherein he brought forth the need to augment the city’s water supply. He said Delhi Jal Board will ensure the extraction of around 55 MGD water from the different WTP complexes. In the meeting it was discussed that most of the Water Treatment Plants of Delhi Jal Board are located in floodplain zone where ground water gets recharged every year in the monsoon during flood, hence this extraction water will be recharged every year without compromising ground water levels. This water will be extracted through tubewells and mixed with regular supply water in the reservoirs. This exercise will ensure water is supplied at adequate quantity and pressure at the tail end especially during summers. Shri Jain further instructed department to maximize utilisation of existing/defunct tubewells for groundwater recharge so that rainwater can be harvested during the monsoon period.

Delhi Jal Board has been instructed to take innovative steps to meet with increasing water demand in Delhi, he added. He further said that water augmentation is the only solution to meet the increasing demand of water in Delhi.

Shri Jain also highlighted the need to augment water capacity and spoke about how DJB can use the existing tubewells lying defunct for recharging groundwater along with reducing floods on roads. Due to urbanization, natural catchments, and absorption capacity of soil have reduced.
He also added, ”This utilization of defunct tubewells is an opportunity to recharge groundwater directly in the residential areas. This will also reduce TDS in groundwater after the dilution of harvested rainwater. The initiative of rejuvenation of 600 water bodies and lakes, flood water harvesting, rejuvenation of old canals and irrigation minors will also bring overall improvement of groundwater. Delhi government’s initiatives of floodwater harvesting have also yielded a good result leading to improvement of groundwater up to 2 meters in Palla area.

Lipakshi Seedhar: Staff Correspondent

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