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DC orders registration of FIR for not transferring assets to newly elected Panchayat


DC orders registration of FIR for not transferring record and funds to newly elected Panchayat

Ferozepur April 25, 2019:  Taking a serious note of a complaint filed by Gram Panchayat of village Narayangarh for not transferring Panchayat record and public funds to the newly elected Panchayat, the deputy commissioner Chander Gaind has ordered the registration of FIR against the persons, who withheld such important articles.

The Gram Panchayat under the leadership of new Sarpanch  Bhagwan Singh had met the deputy commissioner with a written complaint and apprised the deputy commissioner about the situation. The Sarpanch stated that the funds generated from the Panchayat land worth Rs. 99,667 and another government funds worth about Rs. 9 Lac have not been handed over to the new Panchayat.

He further asserted that the Panchayat record, the water tank and office furniture belonging to Gram Panchayat have also not been handed down to the new Panchayat, which badly hampered the functioning of the Gram Panchayat and development works of the village.  The whole Panchayat beseeched the deputy commissioner Mr. Chander Gaind to take strict actions against the persons, who are withholding such important articles and funds.

Responding to Panchayat member’s complaint, the deputy commissioner assured them that the articles belonging to the Panchayat would be brought back to the Panchayat. He directed the DDPO to recover all the articles and initiate action against the responsible persons under the appropriate law for withholding such important stocks.

He reiterated that no one is allowed to withhold public funds and Panchayat record with themselves, and stern action would be taken if such complaints are received. He also directed DDPO to seriously investigate similar complaints filed by the Panchayats of the district and take necessary action


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