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Counseling Cell – “Pramarsh” set-up in DSCW Campus

Counseling Cell – “Pramarsh” set-up in DSCW Campus

Web Programme held on ‘Life is Beautiful Even in Covid Time’

Ferozepur, April 5, 2021: The Counseling Cell – “Pramarsh” – Consultation was set up on the campus of Dev Samaj College for Women under the leadership of Dr.Ramnita Sharda, Principal in which the suggestions will be given by the experts related to the mental health of the students, besides holding a web program titled ‘Life is Beautiful Even in Covid Time’.

The keynote speaker of this web program was Dr. Jasveer Rishi, Acting Vice-Chancellor DAV University of Jalandhar, participated in the event with his Power Point Presentation -PPT, by showing a short film to teach students how to be positive even in bad situations, by giving examples of famous Psychologist Dr. Victor Frankl’s Logotherapy, Dr. Slingman’s Positive Psychology and Michelangelo’s example of an Italian sculptor.

“First of all, it is important for us to be optimistic in difficult times,” he said. At the same time, he said, life should have a purpose. We should not be alarmed by our difficulties in life but should be thankful for what we have got in life. We should have a sense of gratitude in our minds for everyone, young and old adding that stress builds up antibodies in us to fight failures.

Another speaker, Miss Harnoor Kaur in her lecture told the students how they should develop new professions and habits and protect themselves from social media and bring discipline to life.

During the one-to-one session, the questions and doubts of the students were cleared by the speakers.

On this occasion college Principal, Dr. Ramnita Sharda said that there is a need to organize such programs regularly so that special attention could be paid to the mental health of the students during the Covid period.

Prof. Sapna Badhwar in charge of Counseling Cell and Programme Officer of NSS Wing, set up in the campus,  congratulated on the successful organization of the program.


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