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“CHEmicalgeEKS”  from  January 28 at Guru Nanak Dev University

“CHEmicalgeEKS"  from  January 28 at Guru Nanak Dev University

Amritsar, January 27, 2020:  The major function of the ongoing fifth edition of the annual student festival “CHEmicalgeEKS (CHE.EKS )” of department of chemistry of Guru Nanak Dev University will be held from  January 28 to 30 in the department of chemistry. During this function Quiz, Chemistry art, 8-bit gaming, Dance to the tune and other events will be organized.

Prof. Geeta Hundal, Head of the Chemistry Department said that the students have shown overwhelming participation with more than 300 student participation being observed in the events conducted so far. Points have been assigned to each event which will be used to adjudge the best performing class, best student overall, and best student in each individual category. She said that the event is being organized by student members of Chemical Society namely Kashima Soni, Akash Thakur, Akash Ahuja, Yashika, YatinBatra, Sachin Droch, Jasleen Hundal, Shiksha Kaushal, DrishiAggarwa, and many others under the supervision of Dr. Venus Singh Mithu (in-charge Chemical Society).

Earlier, the festival was inaugurated by Head of Department Prof. Geeta Hundal, Prof. Manoj Kamar, Prof. Sukhprit Singh, and Dr. Venus Singh Mithu on the eve of Lohri celebrations i.e. on 14th of January.

This year, the events in the festival have been divided into four categories; Academics, Fun, Sports, and Cultural. The events are planned in order to provide a wholesome exposure to students of chemistry department to various extra-curricular activities. All events are being organized after 5 PM, every Tuesday and Thursday of the month of January. So far, students have shown overwhelming participation in events such as Box cricket and football, Chemictionary, Open Mic, Treasure hunt, and various other fun events.

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