Chandiarh Right to Service Commission

Chandiarh Right to Service Commission

CHANDIGARH, JANUARY 14,2020:  With setting up of Right to Service Commission in Chandigarh seems to have started paying a dividend to the harassed the public if a number of disposal of cases in November and December is of any indication.
According to official records, five major dealing departments—deputy commissioner office; estate office, municipal corporation, Chandigarh housing board and registering and licensing authority—have disposed of 18,783 cases of the 19, 127 in November 2019 and only 53 remained pending beyond time limit. In the same manner, these departments have disposed of 26077 cases of the 26903 in December 2019 and only 374 cases are pending for disposal beyond the time limit.

The Licensing and Registering Authority has recorded 100per cent disposal of cases during November and December. In November it received 15208 applications and disposed off within a time limit. In December it has received 13767 applications that have also been disposed within the time limit.

The official of the Chandigarh Administration has stated that these departments were able to dispose of 99 percent cases received in these offices under notified public services within the time limit.

dealing departments viz. DC Office, Estate Office, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh Housing Board and Registering & Licensing Authority, the Right to Service Act has come into operation in the UT of Chandigarh since October 2019

The Chandigarh Right to Service Commission has been monitoring the implementation of the Right to Service Act by the above-mentioned departments on a regular basis.

Now, in its second phase, the Commission has taken up the matter with regard to notification of the public services of all the remaining departments who are providing any kind of public services to the people of UT Chandigarh. For the purpose, letters have been issued to all such departments on 13th January only to furnish complete lists of their public services latest by 31st January 2020.

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