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Bill Gates and Issac Newton
Imagine a situation in which you are watching a football match without any goalposts. Will this game be interesting? Undoubtedly, the game becomes dull without goalposts. Similarly, human life becomes dull eventually meaningless without imagining any goal. Quite often we travel the journey of life without any object and waste our lifetime and energy.
It is said that a person without any goal is doomed to work for a person having a goal. It was found during a survey conducted by a university that only 3% of people have a definite goal in their life. This is the main reason that a negligible percentage of persons remain successful to achieve their goals.
To achieve our goal, nature has provided us two types of powers-muscle power and mind power.By using our muscle power, we can fulfill our basic needs of life. However, if we desire to lead a purposeful life, we need to utilize our mind power. All of us desire to name, fame, happiness and mental peace which can be achieved only by the proper utilization of our mind power. Scientists have studied that even the most successful persons have used less than 10% of their mind power.
We all are aware of e.c.g. (electrocardiograph) waves produced by our heart to know heart functioning. Similarly, e.e.g.waves are produced by our brain. These waves tell the state of our mind. These mind states are sub-divided into four parts as follows:
(a) The conscious state of mind also known as a beta state whose frequency varies from 14 to 35 cycles per second(average value 20 c/s). This state of mind represents when we are completely conscious and awake.
(b) The Subconscious state of mind also known as the alpha state whose frequency varies from 7 to 14 cycles per second(average value 10 c/s). This state of mind represents between conscious state and sleep state. In fact, it is a meditative state.
(c) Sleep state of mind also known as theta state whose frequency varies from 4 to 7 cycles per second(average value 5 c/s). This state of mind represents when we are asleep.
(d) The unconscious state of mind also known as the delta state whose frequency varies from 1 to 4 cycles per second(average value 3 c/s). This state of mind represents when we are unconscious.
Among the four states, conscious and subconscious states influence our mind power.
The conscious mind is a mastermind that sends messages to our subconscious mind. The conscious mind is very analytical and logical. It is the boss and it possesses the power to think, the power to make decisions with a positive or negative attitude, sets goals with reasoning, can be trained, thinks before taking any decision, understands right or wrong and has screening power. This mind is known to us and has a limited power hardly 10%.
The subconscious mind behaves like a loyal servant having maximum power up to 90% like divine power. Although it is subordinate but works all the 24 hours, cannot think, illogical, does not require any training, has no screening power, does not understand the method of action but visualizes the picture of fruits. This mind is not known to us. It is the subconscious mind that is responsible to make our conduct.
Our failure or success depends upon the visualization power of the subconscious mind.
Method for auto-suggestion: It is the subconscious mind (alpha state of mind) which is used for auto-suggestion. The alpha state occurs twice daily-one just before sleep at night and another just after getting up in the morning. During alpha state, visualize your desires by sending pictures of success to your mind and imagine without any doubt that you are enjoying what you wish to achieve. Do not think about the method of action to be taken.
Repeat the process of auto-suggestion continuously for 21 days without the break of any day. Once the subconscious mind accepts these visuals, it starts functioning to achieve the goal by your conscious mind. Remember, effective visualization is the key to success.
The more the intensity of visualization on your goal during the subconscious state(alpha state or relaxation state or meditation state), the faster would be the speed of achievement of success within due course of time.
The Bhagavad Gita, one of the holy books of Hindus, teaches us that nobody can get anything before the proper time and more than what a person actually deserves. It teaches us to wait patiently for the results. It can also be stated that nobody can achieve anything before the proper time and more than what one has visualised.
Anybody who is somebody is due to self-programming in the subconscious mind e.g., Albert Einstein is known for the theory of relativity(mass-energy relationship), Newton is known for the universal law of gravitation, Archimedes is known for the discovery of the principle of displacement and Bill gates is known as a founder of Microsoft.
In the last but not least, I would like to say that the technique of self-programming is the master of self fate to ever remain healthy,happy, and prosperous to lead a purposeful life.
By Prof.S.C.Puri
(The author is retired. Professor in Chemistry, D.A.V.College, Jalandhar, Punjab)

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