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Arvind Kejriwal lays foundation stone for new building of Rao Tula Ram (RTR)atJaffarpur Kalan, Najafgarh

Arvind Kejriwal lays foundation stone for new building of Rao Tula Ram (RTR)atJaffarpur Kalan, Najafgarh
By Varun Bhardwaj:
Jaffarpur Kalan, Najafgarh,December 9,2019 Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal lays foundation stone for the new building of Rao Tula Ram Hospital; “Development reaches every nook and corner of Delhi at an unprecedented speed; reduced corruption and leakage of funds in Delhi”: Chief Minister
Chief Minister,  Arvind Kejriwal lays foundation stone for new building of Rao Tula Ram (RTR) Hospital in the presence of   Satyendar Jain, Health Minister and   Kailash Gahlot, Law and Transport Minister
The project costs Rs. 65 crores; 170 beds to be added at RTR Hospital
“In the last five years, development reached every nook and corner of Delhi at an unprecedented speed. Rural and remote areas part of Delhi Government’s development vision ”: Chief Minister,  Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister promises to make HTR hospital a better one with better facilities, matching with top private hospitals in Delhi.
“If the union government had not troubled us, you can imagine the extent of development works that our government would have undertaken in Delhi”: Chief Minister,  Arvind Kejriwal
“We aim to establish a robust healthcare system for the citizens of Delhi”: Shri Satyendar Jain, Health and PWD Minister of Delhi.
Delhi’s law and transport minister,  Kailash Gahlot thank the Chief Minister for the development works in Najafgarh.
: Chief Minister,  Arvind Kejriwal lays foundation stone for new building of Rao Tula Ram (RTR) Hospital in an event held at the premise of RTR hospital at Jaffarpur Kalan, Najafgarh in the presence of  Satyendar Jain, the Minister of Health, PWD and Urban Development and   Kailash Gahlot, Minister of Law and Transport on Monday. The estimate of the project is Rs. 65 crores and 270 beds to be added. “In the last five years, development reached every nook and corner of Delhi at an unprecedented speed”, said the Chief Minister.
While addressing the gathering, the Chief Minister said, “I feel good to be amongst you. There are many reasons for it. First, we are assembled here to observe the birth anniversary of Rao Tula Ram, who was a great leader and fighter who bravely battled the First War of Independence in 1857 against the British. This hospital was constructed in the memory of that great soul. Also, we are gathered here to lay the foundation stone for the new building of the Rao Tula Ram (RTR) Hospital at this border area of Delhi. Haryana is just four kilometers away from here. It means that development works by the Delhi government has reached every nook and corner of Delhi.
“We have not forgotten this corner of Delhi”. Shri Kailash Gahlot answered to my question – when did the Chief Minister of Delhi visit this place last time, that he can’t remember it. Earlier, the villages on the outskirts of Delhi were not part of Delhi’s development story. This is the first government that was considerate for the development of every nook and corner of Delhi including the rural areas. It never happened before. “We are building a 270-bed hospital here. We have also set up Mohalla Clinics in 20 villages nearby. No government in Delhi had ever thought of it. Today, I got a written representation to start buses for route no. 821 and I assure you that it will be done within a week”, the Chief Minister added.
“No political party in Delhi has ever thought of the development of rural areas in Delhi. I remember an incident that occurred around the formation of the Aam Aadmi Party. When journalists asked the then Chief Minister whether the government will give compensation to farmers in Delhi for crops damage, a Chief Minister who ruled Delhi for 15 years asked, “are there crops in Delhi?”. Do you remember what she said? It was an irony that a Chief Minister who ruled Delhi for 15 years was not aware of the rural areas in Delhi as well as the farmers who grow crops there”, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said.
“After four months of the formation of our government, we came to know that farmers in Delhi suffered the loss of crops due to rain. I visited at least 15 places where crops were damaged. At that time we made a scheme for the farmers and gave Rs. 50000 per farmer as compensation. People got money within three-four months of the announcement and they hadn’t to wait for two-three years to get the compensation”, he added.
“The union government started to build a 100-bed hospital in this area with Rs. 100 crores budget, before many years. The foundation stone was laid by Sahib Singh Verma, former Chief Minister of Delhi 20 years ago. But, it has not yet been completed, though inaugurated many times just before the elections. Here we are building a 270-bed hospital, that too with a budget of Rs. 65 crores. In the central government project, on bed costs Rs. one crore, but in our project, it costs Rs. 25 lakhs. We’ll make a better hospital with better facilities, but with a lower budget. It will be completely air-conditioned and matching with the top private hospitals in Delhi”, said the Chief Minister.
“Union government’s project costs Rs. one crore and our project cost just Rs. 25 lakhs per bed. The actual cost is 25 lakhs. Do you know where the rest Rs 75 lakhs go? And everyone knows it. We started to save this money. Many people used to ask me, “You are doing so much of works, making a lot of schools and hospitals, decreased the tariff of water and electricity, installed CCTV cameras, erecting streetlights across Delhi, sending hundreds of people for pilgrimage under Teerth Yatra Yojana, etc. From where the money comes? The public fund used to be stolen and lavishly spent earlier; now it has been stopped”, the Chief Minister added.
“We have implemented the Free Bus Ride Scheme for women in Delhi and people ask how we get money. The cost of this project is Rs. 140 crores with which all women in Delhi can travel in Delhi by buses completely free. As everyone knows, one Chief Minister recently purchased an aircraft worth 190 crores for his individual travel. I have not bought any aircraft. Instead, I made women’s travel on buses free. We have stopped all unwanted and lavish expenditure. We stopped corruption and leakage of funds in Delhi. So we could complete a lot of works in Delhi. Now we are building a 270-bed hospital here”, said the Chief Minister.
While addressing the gathering Delhi’s Health and PWD Minister, Shri Satyendar Jain said, “On this auspicious day of the birth anniversary of Rao Tula Ram, we start the works to upgrade the capacity of the hospital named after him to 270 beds from 100 beds. I promise you that the construction of our 270-bed new block will be completed within 14 months. The new building will have air-conditioned rooms, required infrastructural facilities, and world-class healthcare facilities. The construction of this building block will facilitate the treatment of emergency cases and the patients will not be referred to other private hospitals for treatment. Construction of another Delhi government hospital with 1250 beds is starting in Dwarka”
“We aim to establish a strong healthcare system for the citizens of Delhi. The pace of developing the health infrastructure during our government is 1.5 times faster than the previous governments. The construction of hospitals of 15000 beds in total at different stages is going on. Delhi government has taken historical welfare initiatives in the last five years, which have been recognized all over the world. Only 265 dispensaries have been constructed by the previous governments in the last 70 years, now 334 Mohalla clinics have been constructed in Delhi, with the Chief Minister inaugurating 100 more clinics this month. No other government in the entire world has constructed as many Primary Healthcare Centers as Kejriwal government is doing in Delhi”,  Satyendar Jain added.
Now the irony is that some opposition leaders are against the path-breaking development works in Delhi. We have done commendable work in the field of education in Delhi. It is the first time that senior citizens are being taken for Teerth Yatras under a Delhi government. The Delhi government is working for the welfare of the citizens of Delhi. Some leaders are opposing the free provision of electricity to the residents of Delhi, A Lok Sabha or Rajya Sabha MP gets 4000 units of free electricity, but he is opposing 200 units of free electricity to their driver or guard. All the political leaders are only working for themselves, but only the Kejriwal government is working for the people”, said Shri Satyendar Jain.
Delhi’s Law and Transport Minister, Kailash Gahlot said “It is a matter of pride for us to lay the foundation stone for the new building of RTR hospital on the auspicious day of Rao Tula Ram’s birth anniversary. No other Chief Minister has visited Najafgarh as many times as Arvind Kejriwal, always with good initiatives. He ensured various development works like laying of water pipelines, electricity poles, sewer lines, construction of water tank of a capacity of 4 crores liters in the area. A few years back, people used to ask whether Najafgarh is a part of Delhi, but now the development of this constituency speaks for itself. You will be happy to know, that Delhi’s first and second FIFA certified football ground is in Najafgarh. Everything has only been possible because of our Chief Minister. On behalf of the people of my constituency, I wish to thank the Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal”.
“The first transport authority will soon be inaugurated after 10 years. There will be a shortage of doctors in the formative stages of the hospital, and I would like to request the cabinet to take cognizance of this fact. I have been going through some data on the inflow of patients in OPD and IPD, and there is a significant improvement today as compared to the situation in 2015. We inaugurated the new pharmacy building here in 2018 and a new maternity ward in addition to that. The new hospital will have all the required facilities like the ICU ward, and blood bank facilities. I want to thank the Hon’ble Chief Minister and the Health Minister for the construction of the hospital in Najafgarh”,  Kailash Gahlot added.

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