44981 cases taken up,12022 were settled in National Lok Adalats, Rs.100 Crore compensation awarded

44981 cases taken up,12022 were settled in National Lok Adalats, Rs.100 Crore compensation awarded

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Fatehgarh Sahib. July.13, 2019: Under the directive of National Legal Services Authority, National Lok Adalats were organized at district courts Fatehgarh Sahib, Amloh and Khamano courts.   Justice Mr. Rakesh Kumar Jain, Judge Punjab & Haryana High Court, cum Executive Chairman Punjab State Legal Services Authority inaugurated the loak Adalat at district courts Fatehgarh Sahib. 13 benches were constituted for disposal of cases under the supervision of R. S. Rai, District and Sessions Judge cum Chairman District Legal Services Authority Fatehgarh Sahib.

Mr. Justice  Rakesh Kumar Jain said that all over the State of Punjab Loak Adalats are being organised today and in the State 44981 cases were taken up and out of these 12022 cases were has been resolved amicably and the compensation amounting to approximately Rs.100 Crore has been awarded.

R.S.Rai District and Sessions Judge said that during the National Loak Adalat 2960 cases, including pre-litigated cases, were taken up for settlement out of which 1465 cases were settled and an amount of  Rs. 17,12,17,758 /- was awarded as compensation to the beneficiaries.

He said that an attempt was made to settle the dispute between the parties amicably and have been able to bring families together by way of reconciliation between husband and wife, brothers, father-son in a number of cases, besides this in a number of cases financial disputes between parties have been settled involving amounts up to Rs. 1 crore. A 14 year old dispute between two parties of Khamanon was settled amicably.

Gurpartap Singh CJM cum Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Fatehgarh Sahib said that the major success of loak adalat was that with the persuasion of R.S.Rai District and Session Judge one Gurdeep Singh of village Dholan whose leg got amputated in an accident against an uninsured vehicle got the cheque of Rs. 5.50 Laces as the driver of the car agreed to pay and the payment was made in the National Lok Adalat by Honourable Mr. Justice Rakesh Kumar Jain, Judge Punjab & Haryana High Court to victim.

He said that Gurmeet Kaur raised a loan of Rs.13,00,000/0 from State Bank of Patiala, Branch Sirhind in the year 2013. In order to secure the loan she had mortgaged her property in favour of the bank she issued a cheque of Rs.5 lakhs in favour of the bank which stood dishonoured. For once three years the matter remained pending in trial court where efforts for amicable settlement could not resolve the differences. It was when Gurmeet Kaur was convicted U/S 138 of N./I.Act and the matter was seized in appeal and persistent efforts were made in Lok Adalat that good sense prevailed upon the parties and they agreed to end the dispute and settle their differences. The parties made peace with each other by settling the entire dispute on payment of Rs.12 lakhs/- to the bank out of which Rs.1 lakh was paid in the Lok Adalat. The remaining Rs.11 lakhs were agreed to be paid in installments. The bank agreed to release the mortgaged property from attachment so as to enable Gurmeet Kaur to accomplish the sale of the property and pay the balance amount to the bank.

He said that  M/s S.M.Alloys Vs. M/s Shree Balaji (four years old dispute)       A civil suit for recovery of Rs.1,15,88,530/- relating to the jurisdiction of the commercial court was settled in the Lok Adalat. The plaintiff firm which dealt in the business of sale and purchase of iron and scrap material which it supplied in huge quantity to another firm with which it had commercial dealings. The plaintiff firm received the payment from the defendants and resolved the matter amicably and agreed not to carry dispute any further.

In Manjit Kaur Vs. Harpreet Singh (Three years old dispute)          A claim petition under the Motor Vehicle Act was successfully resolved in the Lok Adalat. The unfortunate part was that the vehicle was not insured. Yet the owners and the driver of the vehicle owned entered into a peaceful settlement with the claimants agreeing to pay a sum of Rs. 3,75,000/- to the claimants. The parties agreed to burry the hatchet and move on with their respective lives. An award was passed.

In  Avtar Singh Vs. Roshan Lal Criminal appeal against conviction U/S 138 of N.I.Act (three years old dispute) the parties had been litigating over a dispute which arose out of a cheque of Rs.8,00,000/- which had been dishonoured in the year 2016. The aforesaid system of of justice delivery could not satisfy the parties despite conviction of appellant U/S 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act. The holder of the cheque had remained unsuccessful in recovering the amount until the parties took advantage of National Lok Adalat and peacefully resolved their long standing dispute. The matter was settled for a sum of Rs.4,00,000/-.

He said that in the court of Sh. Ranjeev Kumar Vishisht, Ld. Addl. District And Sessions Judge, Fatehgarh Sahib a person who was a victim in an accident against an uninsured vehicle settled the matter before the MACT for an amount of  Rs. 1.10 Lacs and the payment was made in the National Lok Adalat.

In the court of Sh. Varundeep Chopra Ld. Civil Judge(Jr. Division) Fatehgarh Sahib an injunction suit between father and son has been settled finally in the National Lok Adalat.


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