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350 Police officers quarantined for Guard of Honour on Independence Day

350 Police officers quarantined for Guard of Honour on Independence Day

Susan Anand

It was very interesting to read from an English National Daily that 350 Police officers and an equal number of back up officers from the rank of constable to the rank of DCP have been quarantined to organize our Independence day Guard of Honour.

The Guard of honour will be inspected by the Prime Minister on 15th August, which, of course, will be a high profile event and will be attended by other dignitaries as well. Really feel proud of the day. God bless India and the Indians!

It sounded painful that in the present day scenario of Pandemic situation, when every Indian is fighting for survival because of the dreadful nature of the disease and the horrifying treatment expenditure involved, our polity, instead of providing this high profile vigilance and expenditure for saving the lives of citizens and helping them to come out of mental depression owing to the situation is attending to such like ceremonies, which are certainly the pride of the nation but the nation will only live when its people will live.

Interestingly the personnal in quarantine, apart from the regular thermal checking, are being checked for other COVID symptoms as well so that the personalities likely to attend our “Independence day” do not get infected. Their safety is, of course, our prime concern and is appreciable. But how about our financially and mentally exhausted people, who are getting the horrifying dose of “social distancing”, remaining under lockdown etc.? Their plight is invisible to the high and mighty running the state machinery.

The real Guard of Honour would be when the ordinary masses are attended to with the same diligence and expertise. This is the need of the hour.

I dare to suggest, though it is late, that if with the stroke of a pen, all the educational system and Judicial administration could be converted from reality to “Virtual” functioning, why not have Guard of Honour ceremony of our Independence Day also in Virtual format to save the finances and manpower for the masses.

By Susan Anand: The Writer is an Advocate Punjab And Haryana High Court:

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