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11th Trait boss wants lul

11th Trait boss wants lul

One can’t choose the time when he is born, who his parents, nation but certainly can decide what he is responsible for and act in a given time. Through this book, the author has tried to comprehend 4675 years of experience by interviewing 187 professionals over 3 years. The content of the book will enable you to relate to your professional journey and suggest ways you to avoid any damage to your professional career in the corporate world.

About the Author:

Jomarji Jast, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore and a Mechanical engineer from MDU Rohtak has over 18 years of experience at various positions & domains in manufacturing industries.(Honda car’s Hongo, Suzuki Motorcycle, Tata Motors And Ashok Leyland ) In this book, he has penned down his experience, personal and professional with aim to help others in their professional career & entrepreneurship journey. He is on the mission to connect with 1000+ CEOs, strategy thinktanks to bring their thinking & approach to common people.

About the author

Harish Monga

Harish Monga

Sr. Correspondent and Feature Writer
Author of Frankly Speaking...Feeling sometimes is not a reality
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