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1000 years earthquake signatures found for the first time in Spituk Lake Ladakh.

1000 years earthquake signatures found for the first time in Spituk Lake Ladakh.
Spituk Lake

CHANDIGARH—For the first time, earthquake signatures are reported in the upper part of the Spituk Lake which was in existence for 1000 years ago, claimed Dr Ritesh Arya, an internationally renowned Geologist. His paper discusses the geological history of the right side of the proximal part of the Khardungla glacier which was on melting after the late Ice Age gave rise to glaciolacustrine deposits and exposed around the granites.
The paper further states that the thickness of these deposits, ascertained for the first time by drilling and approximately 90 meter below the ground-based, Total thickness of the deposits is around 135 meter. The actuate outcrop of the Ladakh Batholith at Spituk Gompa controlled the formation and its development of this lake.  The study of the lacustrine sediments helps in decoding the climatic changes, which caused the recession of the Khardungla glacier by 22.8kms since the initiation of global warming.

Soft sediment deformation recorded in the upper part of the lacustrine sediments extending over a visible distance exceeding 69 meters is suggestive of seismic activity which was the probable cause of the lake outburst.

Dr Arya explained that these structures linking sediment deformation to seismic shock and played an important role in identifying the distribution and intensity of the past tectonic activity.

The site under reference leased out for sand mining and Gompa miti (Clay) which is used for making adobe houses since time immemorial. With the unprecedented anthropogenic increase in the recent years after the creation of Union Territory, unprecedented urbanization will take place as more and more buildings are needed for officers and infrastructure of development.

Dr Arya said that wonderful Geoheritage sites which hold the entire history of the climate change not only of the Khardungla area. It can be extrapolated to the entire Himalaya may be lost to increased mining activity. He called upon the authority to take necessary steps to be taken to preserve these Geoheritage structures to boost Geotourism in this area.

He holds Guinness record for his feat of drilling the highest bore well in the world. His concept of the bio-geologic cycle has demolished the “myth” that global warming is a man-made phenomenon and adds it is a 100 percent natural cyclic process

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